How To Boost Your Holiday Sales With Seasonal Custom Signs

Vermont Teddy

Vermont Teddy

Spin A Magic World

Using seasonal custom signs can increase your profits during the holidays because you can show how your products will fit perfectly in your target customers’ holiday plans. This goes way beyond a catalog listing because it involves creating an emotional response in your target customers.

Doesn’t this Vermont Teddy Bear Christmas ad make you want to get at least one of these cute bears for yourself or someone on your gift list? We’re not seeing a teddy bear sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased, but instead we are looking right into a magical world in which cute-faced teddies dressed in red sleepers decorate Christmas trees. It sure works for us!

Even if your products aren’t teddy bear cute, you can still show your customers that you have what they want or need to make their season bright. For example, if you have a produce store, showcase your products as gift baskets on a sign. Almost any product can also be promoted as a gift, whether it’s a small stocking stuffer or a big-ticket luxury item.

Have The Right Product At The Right Time

Many car lots often use custom signage to attract buyers during the holidays. It could persuade a buyer planning to buy a car in the near future to consider purchasing a vehicle now instead as a gift for a family member or even for himself or herself.

Bob Phibbs, also known as The Retail Doctor, asserts in his blog post on, that “You have to say, “We have this product in stock right now and you can take it home today!” and that’s what your product paired with a custom sign can accomplish. During the holiday season, businesses want their share of consumers’ spending dollars. It’s not the time of year to just take orders or rely solely on increasing sales leads.

Competition for holiday dollars is fierce and seasonal custom signs can help you reel in customers.

Deal Out Persuasive Offers

Notice how the custom seasonal retail store sign above commands attention. What Christmas shopper wouldn’t want “Holiday Deals” for as little as four dollars? It’s the ideal time of year to call attention to whatever hasn’t been selling in your store as well as offer “new styles added weekly” to keep everybody happy and get regular customers for your business.

Phibbs notes that “The week before Christmas is panic week!” and it stands to reason that otherwise slow selling items might find buyers at this time of year. These last minute consumers are “mission shoppers” as Phibbs puts it so “it’s also the best time to mark down slow movers and seasonal items.” Of course, you don’t want to be stuck with Christmas items for another year, and seasonal custom signs let you showcase your specific product line in the colors and motifs of the season.

Since you’re addressing the current season and what is on the mind of most last minute holiday shoppers –finishing their gift list and finding great bargains — you’re likely to even attract first-time buyers and people who fall outside of your typical target audience.

Use the best types of custom seasonal signs for you and this may be a combination of indoor and outdoor signs. Even if you’re a small local or online business without a brick and mortar storefront, using a seasonal custom sign at a holiday craft fair or Christmas market can really make you stand out from your competition and grab needed attention to start piling up holiday profit.