Welcome To Winter — And The Launch Of The Sign.com Website!


Animals as Humans — Portraits by Christoph Meyer

Made ya look, didn’t we?

Winter may not be officially here yet, but Sign.com sure is! Now you can take the fun, easy and creative online approach to designing your own custom, personalized signs or banners for business events, birthday parties, fundraisers and so much more and have them made locally with your satisfaction 100% guaranteed. (Yes, we’ve thought of everything so all you have to do is customize our templates — or create your signs from scratch if you’d rather.)


Grumpy Snowman-Inspired Nail Art
By The Lacquerologist.com

Whether you’re using a template or winging it, it’s easy to find inspiration from images that just reach out and grab your mind and emotions. The Lacquerologist (a.k.a. Emily Draher, a nail artist living and working in Ohio) explains in her January 19, 2013 blog post over at TheLacquerologist.com, how she just felt drawn to a grumpy snowman figure and it inspired her own design. She says that “for some reason this little guy just cracks me up.” We can’t always explain what image will speak to that designer that we at Sign.com feel exists somewhere in all of us, but as anyone who ever started a collection of images on Pinterest can attest — it’s sure a lot of fun!

 Easy To Use Tools

The Sign.com website has easy to use tools so that you don’t need to be a professional designer to create amazing looking signs. For example, you simply click on “Add Text” to write the words for your sign such as “Happy 3rd Birthday Harper.” Adding text and background color is a breeze because a web palette lets you click on different shades of any color you want to make sophisticated looking images.

Speaking of images, you can upload your own or pick from a great selection of clip art motifs right there! On Sign.com it’s completely free to play around and explore all the designing options and tools. If you don’t like something you created, it’s as simple as hitting the “Cancel” button and starting again. And, best of all, you don’t pay for anything until you review and confirm your design! The Sign.com website is so easy to use that even people who swear they aren’t the least bit creative can almost make a sign in their sleep. Yes, exaggerations notwithstanding, it is really soooo simple.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Sign.com guarantees your satisfaction with your signs! These are quality vinyl and other professional-looking signs like those you see in retail stores. The signs you customize and confirm will be created by the closest professional member of the International Sign and Printmakers Guild. If you have any problem with your signs that you can’t resolve with this member, Sign.com will come to your rescue. (Yes, like your real life superhero!)


Hailey’s 30th Birthday Party
By Garrett Soong

 Why Design Your Own Signs? Because People Love The DIY Custom Approach To Parties, Events, Business Promos And Fundraisers

Blogger, Jenn Sbranti, a.k.a Editor-in-Chief at Hostess with the Mostess.com realizes that for many, it’s not simply about making something yourself just to make it, but rather to design something that fits a specific person’s personality and preferences. Jenn explains that when throwing bridal showers and bachelorette parties, she “didn’t like the typical “hearts and doves” which motivated her into thinking up her own “themes that were a little more playful and tailored to the guest of honor.”

That sums up the beauty of creating personalized, custom signs yourself because one person may like “Welcome to the Smith Wedding” while someone else may prefer “Steve And Julia Are Hitched!” It’s all up to you at Sign.com and don’t you love the choice?

  Signs Of The Times — Here Are Just Some Of The Possibilities Of Signs You (Yes, You!) Can Create On Sign.com:

*Hand-held signs to show support for the kids’ sports team — anything from a “Go Team Go!” type of sign to something more personalized with the team’s name, colors and logo

*Large outdoor or indoor signs to advertise a fundraiser like “Jordan Elementary School Cupcake Fund Drive — Cupcakes 2$ Each”

*Sign announcing a craft sale, garage sale, art sale or …? you name it!

*Humorous parking signs great for a laugh or a gift — or non-serious “you’ll be towed” signs if that’s what you need

*Signs to get a business noticed at a trade show

*Signs for a baby shower or to welcome home a relative who’s been in the military

*Banners for a wedding “Welcome to Pam and Jim’s Wedding” (Yes, we still miss The Office)

*Signs to congratulate someone on achieving something such as a job or educational goal

*Signs for birthdays or anniversaries such as “Happy 5th Birthday, Jacob” or “Happy 10th Anniversary To The Love Of My Life!”

*Signs for school and family reunions like “It’s The Smith Family Reunion” or “Welcome Westmount High Alumni”

*Charity event signs whether its a pancake breakfast, car wash, pledge drive or something unique

*Business signs announcing a clearance sale or grand opening

*Signs for a holiday or seasonal party com

*Signs in your style whether it’s a simple “Happy Birthday” or “Jenna, We Are So Proud Of You – Happy Birthday!”

*Humorous signs for joke gifts or to get a laugh at a bachelor or bachelorette party

*Sweet signs for a baby shower or Valentine’s Day party


So go ahead and explore the Sign.com website’s capabilities at your leisure and here’s wishing you Happy Sign Design!