5 Advantages Of Advertising Your Business Using Custom Signs


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 1.  Increasing Your Sales By Marching To The Beat Of Your Own Brand

We all know about the importance of consistent branding and targeting our brand to our customers to maximize sales. This is the stuff of business life and the essence of advertising. So, it should be a no-brainer that a customized, targeted message on a business sign is going to spark the attention of many more potential buyers than a generic “Sale” sign could ever do.

Even having the business name on a sign such as “Brite’s Menswear Sale” is going to make a difference because it’s like giving the overused marketing word, “sale”, which is basically meaningless to shoppers without further information, much more appeal. We now have a specific store with specific items, and most importantly, a specific brand.  Adding particulars such as what the sale prices are such as “Up to 70% Off On All Sweaters” or “Buy One Shirt, Get The Second For Half Price!” can cinch the deal on getting your customers to take action and “buy more stuff” from you.

2.  Being Original Because Variety Is The Spice Of Signs

By using custom business signs, not only can you add your unique business name and specialized information, but you can reach out to customers with the tone most appropriate to your branding. Yes, this means humor or a message that’s a little out of the ordinary because it’s going to stand out from the hundreds of other signs and business messages your customers are bombarded with constantly. Check out this “Bumper Man” sign below:


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 3.  Staying Unique And Getting Noticed

As marketing expert Shawn Graham notes about the “Bumper Man” signage in his December 3, 2013 post on his blog, ShawnGraham.com, this is a good example of “clear and concise messaging” both in the minimal number of words to get the message across and in the choice of colors for readability. Graham calls this combo “the right mix of form and function” and we agree. Custom signage is going to help any business grab the target market’s attention through a unique and clear message. Being unique is also going to create more marketing buzz and that’s always a good thing.

Notice how the “Bumper Man” wisely just didn’t go purely for uniqueness though, but kept his sign design principled by using one branding color and just a different shade of the same hue to make the phone number stand out.

4.  Making Every Advertising Second Count

With mobile or road signs, you “only have a few seconds to get your point across so that means you have to make every word and every second count” Graham writes. He also mentions that Bumper Man’s addition of an actual bumper on top of his sign really turns heads and makes the sign “totally memorable.” This is a good point because it’s much easier for business people to showcase their product with a custom sign than a run of the mill generic one.

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5.  Increasing Your Profits Through Customized Messaging

Try it out yourself. Look at both signs above and gauge your reaction to which sign would draw you in to shop. Hands down, it’s probably the second, much more specific sign. And the more customers you can draw in, the more profits your business is likely to realize. Whether your custom signs are to advertise a seasonal sale, grand opening, trade show appearance or something totally different, specific information and promotional messages unique to your business are what’s going to “talk” to your customers to get them to even want to buy from you.
What are your thoughts or experiences on the power of custom business signs in advertising?