Choosing the Right Banner Material

Before designing your banner, you’ll need to select a suitable material. Choice of banner material requires attention to several factors, including where you plan to display it, how long you plan to use it, venue regulations, and how committed you are to the proper care and storage of your banner.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your banner is the most important factor in making decisions about banner material and design. Once you know where you’ll hang your banner, you’ll be better able to make choices about material.

1. Indoors

Indoor banners aren’t exposed to the elements, so durability isn’t quite as important as it is with a banner intended for outdoor display. Both fabric and vinyl banners are suitable for indoor use.

2. Outdoors

If you plan to display the banner outdoors, durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions becomes critical. A water-resistant material, such as vinyl, is a good choice for the outdoors. Vinyl also allows for significant contrast between lettering and background, something that’s very important on sunny days.



Length of Use

Do you plan to use the banner long-term or just one time? If you plan to keep your banner for awhile, choose a thick, durable material that stands up to repeated use. If you only plan to use the banner once or twice, thinner material can save you money.


How do you feel about banner maintenance? Do you have employees who you trust to clean and store your banners properly? Different materials require different types of care, so be sure to select a material that meshes well with your maintenance abilities.


Event and Venue Regulations

If you plan to display your banner at a trade show, event, flea market or on a rental property, contact management to find out if there are any restrictions on banner size, design, or material. Don’t invest in a banner that you can’t use because it violates safety or aesthetic standards. This is particularly true when it comes to fabric banners, which often must be made of flame retardant material in accordance with local fire codes.


Banner Materials

You have several material choices when designing your banner. Below are some of the most popular:



A fabric banner can be a great choice for indoor use. Many people like the aesthetic qualities of fabric banners, feeling that they have a warmer quality than vinyl. Fabric banners are typically lightweight and easy to store: They can be folded or rolled, an iron can handle any wrinkles or creases, though they can also soil easily, requiring machine washing. Always double check local fire and safety codes, along with event rules, before purchasing a fabric banner.


Magnetic Material

If you want to place your banner on a car, magnetic material may be your best bet. It holds securely, is easy to apply to your vehicle and won’t damage the finish when properly applied and removed. As with vinyl banners, a magnetic car banner can display bright colors and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or a mild detergent.



Vinyl has become a popular choice because it is durable, easy to care for and colors show up bright and true. It’s also a good choice for outdoor use, as vinyl can resist damage from the elements. Brightly colored banners are also easy to spot even in inclement weather.

Caring for a vinyl banner is typically easy: Use a mild detergent solution to clean banners and be sure to roll them up carefully when putting them into storage. Folding a vinyl banner could result in permanent creases, so it’s important that everyone who works with these banners understands proper storage procedures.