Car Magnet vs. Car Wrap

Car magnets and wraps are incredibly effective marketing tools that allow you to transform vehicles into mobile advertising for your business. While magnetic signs have been in use for years, some businesses now use car wraps for increased brand impact.

car magnet

Warning: Local ordinances and homeowner associations sometimes frown on the parking of so-called “commercial” vehicles on streets or in driveways and levy heavy fines on violators. Cars with magnetic signs or car wraps may be considered commercial vehicles under your town’s laws or HOA’s rules. Verify the policy in your area. If a car wrap or sign violates local codes or rules, you’ll have to park your car in a garage, remove your magnetic sign every time you park, or use a car cover to avoid trouble.

Car Wrap

1. Maintenance and Length of Use

Both car wraps and car magnets require regular maintenance, which directly affects how long the wrap or sign will last. Car magnets should be removed and cleaned once a week, while car wraps require regular hand washing.


2. Marketing Effectiveness

Car wraps are the clear winner when it comes to drawing attention to a vehicle: An entire car covered with your company’s logo or colors definitely stands out, even in a crowded parking lot. Signs, on the other hand, are less noticeable and only attract attention if someone is looking directly at the car.


3. Damage to Car Finish

Both car wraps and magnetic signs can damage the finish of your car, though the risks differ for each type of signage:

  • Poor installation of a car wrap can result in cuts and scratches on your car’s finish. There is also the possibility of damage to your car’s finish once you remove the wrap, and the damage can be widespread. Some car wrap users hire professionals to remove their car wrap to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Car magnets can likewise damage your car, particularly if they don’t adhere properly and pockets of dust and dirt form under the magnet. In very hot conditions, car magnets can melt onto the vehicle. Unlike car wraps, however, damage is confined to the area covered by the sign.


4. Security Issues

Car signage is more that just an advertising medium, it advises law enforcement, security guards and customers that the vehicle is a “company” car or truck and that the vehicle, along with its driver, has a legitimate reason to be in the area or on the street. While car wraps offer high visual impact, it may be difficult at first glance to fully comprehend the nature of the business advertised on the wrap. A car sign, on the other hand, is more compact and it’s information more accessible. If you are in an industry where vehicle identification is important, such as household trades, courier services, security, or health care, a well-designed sign that clearly states the name of your company and your industry may be a better choice than a car wrap.


5. Removal Issues

If your employees use their own cars on the job, opt for magnetic signs, which can be removed when an employee leaves your company or has finished work for the day. Removable signs are also a good option for individuals who live in areas that restrict commercial vehicle parking: These drivers can remove and reapply signage as needed, something that can’t happen with a car wrap.