Does Your Table or Booth Stand Out From the Crowd?

Renting a booth or table at a trade show, flea market or other event is a great way to make sales, connect with potential customers and network with others in your industry. But just setting up a table isn’t enough. After all, there are likely to be hundreds of other tables and booths at the same event. With the proper use of signage, multimedia devices and positive interactions, you can help your booth or table stand out from the crowd and make the most of your investment.

Tradeshow Booth Banner

1. Get a Great Banner

A banner announces your presence at an event, so make sure you bring a bright well-designed banner to every show. What should your banner include? It depends. If you are representing your business at a trade show or a convention, design a banner around your company name and logo. If you are selling something at a fair, such as snacks or souvenirs, design the banner to feature your product.


2. State Your Business

As people approach your booth, they’ll want some indication of what you have to offer. Use professionally-made signs that state what sorts of products and services you offer.


3. Coordinate Booth Colors

Make sure that your booth is color-coordinated: Depending on the rules of the show, you may be able to use a tablecloth or table skirt that coordinates with your logo banner.


4. Give Away Freebies . . . And Let Attendees Know About It

People love freebies and giving free stuff away attracts people to your booth in two ways:

1. If people see a “free” sign, they are likely to stop by to pick up a sample or a premium.

2. If you give away promotional items with your logo, other event attendees will begin to take notice, eventually making their way to your booth so they can grab a freebie for themselves.

Here are some ideas:

  • Promotional pens, t-shirts, phone charging cables stamped with your company name and logo.
  • On hot days, offer bottled water with your company’s name on the label.
  • Copies of e-books and whitepapers, either on a CD-ROM or in hard copy.
  • If possible, offer a sample of what you are selling: If you are selling food, this is particularly effective.


5. Use Multimedia Presentations

Video attracts attention, so consider setting up a monitor at your booth or on your table. A professional video that shows off your products and services is a good choice, as are interviews with key members of your business team.


6. Smile

Nobody wants to visit a booth staffed by sourpusses. Smile and make eye contact with event attendees: They’ll be more likely to visit you if they feel comfortable.

Caution:  When you sign up for an event table, carefully read any documentation provided by the event sponsor. Many sponsors and venues have strict rules regarding how you can set up your table. In addition, local laws may require you to use union labor (provided by the show space) to set up your table or booth. Failing to comply with these rules can result in the sponsor or venue manager asking you modify your table display. If you have any doubts about the policies, contact the event sponsor for clarification.