Essential Valentine’s Day Signage for Your Retail Store

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means a huge sales boost for your business. Using signs to remind your customers of the holiday, and to point out gifts and decor, is a great way to boost your holiday sales and your February numbers. Below are some ideas for using signs during the Valentine’s Day shopping season:


Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day spending is well over $18 million dollars in the United States: Act now to get your share!

Identify Traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Items

Remind your customers of the upcoming holiday by placing signs near items appropriate for Valentine’s Day gifting:

  • Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume and scented bath and body products
  • Chocolates and candy
  • Floral arrangements
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Watches
  • Stuffed animals
  • Vases suitable for Valentine’s Day bouquets
  • Collector’s figurines


Sign copy tip: If a gift is suitable for a particular gender, don’t forget to include the phrase “for him” or “for her” in your signage: This personalizes the sign for some customers and reminds them to make a purchase.

Specials and Sales

Budget-minded shoppers may still be feeling the pinch of December holiday spending, so use signs to point out your sales and specials. While you don’t want customers to feel as if they are being “cheap” in their choice of a Valentine’s Day gift, directing them to suitable items, at a great price, helps them stay within their budgets while earning a sale for your business.

Romance New Merchandise

The last of your winter merchandise should be coming off your shelves in mid-February, making way for spring items. Even though these items sell for full price, you should still point them out to customers who are looking for something new, unique and in-style as a gift for their beloved.

Promote Gift Services

If you’re a service company, put up signs that remind customers that your services (massage, beauty, cooking classes, etc) can make great gifts. Not sure if the gift of a service is romantic enough? Stock Valentine’s Day Cards and gift boxes, as well as chocolates, flowers and small jewelry items, that enhance the sentimentality of the gift.

Tip for service businesses: People might not think of a service as a good Valentine’s Day gift, so be sure to put large signs in your window promoting gift cards for Valentine’s Day.

Non-Gift Products and Services

Not everything purchased for the holiday is a gift. Many people treat themselves to clothing and beauty treatments in anticipation of romantic getaways and dinners, so use signs that remind customers that they want to look and feel their best during the holiday weekend. Teachers, office managers and general holiday-lovers are also on the hunt for fun Valentine’s day decor, so don’t forget to remind these folks of what you have to offer.


Holiday Pampering

Salons, cosmetic boutiques, manicurists, clothing stores, and other personal care businesses should market their services using Valentine’s Day-Themed signs. Remind customers of upcoming celebrations and encourage customers to treat themselves to the gift of looking great for their partner.

Valentine’s Day Decor

Flowers, candles, potpourri, streamers, stickers . . . decorating for Valentine’s Day is fun! Create a floor display of Valentine’s Day items and pink, red and white products and put up a sign encouraging folks to get into the holiday mood.


General Exterior and Interior Sign Ideas

No matter what your plans for Valentine’s Day merchandising are, it’s important to get customers and staff excited about the holiday. Here are some non-specific sign ideas for your business:


Window Decals

Decorate your windows with colorful Valentine’s Day decals. Decals are inexpensive, easy to apply and just as easy to remove. Plus, they transform the outside of your store, encouraging pedestrians to come on in to check out your wares.


Register Signs and Gift Cards

Place a sign at the register that reminds customers of the holiday and be sure that the sign informs customers that you offer gift cards. Instruct your register staff to point out the availability of the cards while ringing up customer purchases.

Last-Minute Gifts

Valentine’s Day 2014 is on a Friday, so expect some last-minute sales to workers who have just left the office or who are heading off for a quick romantic getaway.

Here are some ideas for sign copy:

  • Don’t forget: February 14th is Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine’s Day is Friday: Come in for Great Gifts!
  • Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts and Cards!


Last-minute gift signage tip: Since these shoppers likely won’t have time to wrap gifts, make sure that your signs mention gift wrapping services, gift sacks and Valentine’s Day cards.