Advertising with Car Magnets

Many types of advertising, such as billboards, online promotion, direct mail and print advertising, require ongoing investment. Once you stop paying for the space or service, your promotion ends.

Fortunately, car magnets offer an inexpensive, reliable marketing method  that doesn’t necessitate a major financial commitment. With car magnets, you and your employees can market your business simply by driving, and parking around town.

Car Magnet

Benefits of Car Magnets

Passive Marketing

Your car magnet works for your company or organization whenever your car can be seen in public.  This means that whether you are commuting for business or pleasure, your car magnet attracts the attention of potential customers.

Minimal Investment

Unlike custom paint jobs or car wraps, magnets are relatively inexpensive and you can apply them yourself. This makes replacing or updating car magnets affordable.  Plus, the easy application of a car magnet means that your employees can use their own vehicles while working for you. This significantly reduces operating costs.

Other Applications

Car magnets don’t just serve as promotional tools. They can also provide important information needed to meet local laws or  security standards. For example, truck owners may wish to use them to display Department of Transportation numbers.  If your business makes home deliveries, a magnet identifies the vehicle as part of your fleet or belonging to an employee. This not only makes your customers feel more secure when opening the door, but it may help reduce the chance of a car being ticketed during a delivery.


Things to Think About


Make sure your business or organization’s logo is clearly identifiable on the car magnet. This is particularly important if you are trying to attract local business, as your neighbors will come to associate the logo on your vehicle with the  logo displayed at your place of business. Allow for enough white space so that people can easily read and copy your contact information.

Reflective Car Magnets

While they are more expensive, reflective car magnet makes it easy for people to read the magnet at night. This is particularly important if you are advertising a business that operates at night, such as a restaurant, nightclub or even a security business. In addition, if you plan to be doing business at night, such as making deliveries,  reflective car magnets are a must.


The amount of information on your car magnets depends largely on the purpose of the magnet. Keep in mind that people may see your car magnet for only a few seconds while on the road. If the nature of your business isn’t obvious from your business name or logo, you might want to briefly state the product or service that you offer. A URL might be easier to remember that a phone number.


You’ll get maximum exposure for your car magnet if you place more than one on your vehicle. Magnets on your car doors may not always be visible in parking lots, so consider placing an additional magnet on the hood or trunk of your car to ensure visibility.