Common Uses for Engraved Signs

If you’re looking to establish your brand and earn the public’s trust, consider ordering an engraved sign for your business. While engraved sign creation is a bit more involved than that of a banner or flat sign, the impact that these signs have on your brand and business can be remarkable.


What is an Engraved Sign?

An engraved sign is a sign in which letters and logos are cut out from the sign’s material.  The sign is then painted according to the buyer’s wishes. Unlike flat signs, on which lettering is screened or painted, an engraved sign is more visually interesting, as it has both texture and an extra dimension. As a result, it’s easier for  business owners to more fully convey their brand with an engraved sign.

In addition, engraved signs enhance, rather than detract from interior decor and are very appropriate for use in offices, stores and restaurants.


Why Businesses Should Consider an Engraved Sign

Engraved signs convey a sense of permanence to your business in ways that painted signs and banners can’t. Since custom engraved signs require more work, individuals who see the sign will instantly understand that  you are prepared to invest in your business.

Another advantage to using engraved signs is that you get to choose from a variety of materials for the creation of your sign. It’s possible to create a sign in plastic, wood and metal. Each material has its own qualities that can further strengthen your brand. Wood, for example, conveys warmth, while metal alternatively conveys efficiency and modernity. What to choose? It depends on your brand: A health care professional might want to encourage trust by ordering a wood sign, while an ultra modern bar might want to establish its hipness with a metal sign.

engraved sign -


If you are concerned about costs, keep this in mind: An engraved sign can last for many years with proper maintenance. Over time, you may be able to save money by purchasing an engraved sign over a sign or banner made from less sturdy material. The important thing is to first work with a good sign designer to create a high-impact design, then hire a reputable sign manufacturer for the creation of your sign.


Uses for Engraved Signs

Since engraved signs often represent a significant investment, it’s a good idea to use them in ways that convey that your business will be around for a long time to come. You should also use engraved signs to display “evergreen” information that won’t change (i.e. you don’t want to use an engraved sign to list menu items or prices, as this information often changes). Here are some examples of how your business can use an engraved sign:

1. Display your business name and logo both indoors and outdoors.

2. Use engraved signs to provide directions and information within a building or on your property. For example:

  • Signage for restrooms
  • Directions to various locations, such as the elevators or specific departments
  • Warnings (i.e. “No Smoking” or “Wear Head Protection”)
  • Tributes to retired team members

3. If you are selling an expensive property, an engraved “For Sale” sign makes it clear to passersby that this is a premium property.

4. Use an engraved sign as a memorial plaque.

5. Engraved signs are great for displaying your address so that visitors and customers can easily find you.


Have you ever purchased an engraved sign for your business? Did you notice a difference in the way your business was perceived by others?