Creative Ideas for Birthday Signs

Make birthday celebration special by ordering a custom sign or banner for parties. If you’ve never ordered a birthday sign or banner, here are some design tips:


1. Develop a Birthday Logo

If you want a truly “pulled-together” look for your party, talk to a graphic artist about putting together a special logo for the birthday. Use this logo on the birthday sign or banner, on the invitations and on place cards. Coordinate the colors of the logo with napkins, tablecloths and other party decor. Many bakeries can incorporate custom logos into birthday cakes.


2. Celebrate Milestone Birthdays

If it is an important birthday, such as 16, 21, 30 or 50, state so in the birthday sign. Of course, some people are sensitive about their age so it’s a good idea to use discretion when designing the sign. If in doubt, don’t include the number.

birthday banner

3. Personalize Graphics

Personalize the sign or banner with photographs of the birthday honoree and/or his friends and loved ones. One option is to create a collage of photos of meaningful people, events and places from the honoree’s life.  Other options include using school logos, flags from states and countries where a person has lived, or even a portrait or caricature of the person drawn by a professional artist.


4. Use Zodiac Symbols

Not everyone is into astrology, but many people do identify with their Sun sign. Double check a person’s birthday against a Sun sign chart to avoid confusion.  Another option is to incorporate the individual’s Chinese horoscope animal.


5. Consider Birthday Stone or Flower Colors

If the birthday boy or girl objects to astrology, use a color scheme that incorporates the color of his or her birthstone or birth month flower.


6. Create a Sign with Lots of White Space for Signing

If you’re planning a special party for someone, consider a birthday sign with lots of white space so that attendees can write birthday greetings and draw pictures, creating a deeply personal memento.  Just be sure to have plenty of permanent markers on hand  so that people don’t have to wait long for their chance to “sign the sign.”


7. Frame the Sign

If you order a custom birthday sign that is of a manageable size, you can get the signed framed so that your friend or loved one as a memento of the occasion. If you choose a very large sign or banner, you can still have a miniature version created and framed.  An alternative to framing is ordering the smaller version as a magnetic sign. The birthday celebrant can then place a sign on his or her refrigerator, file cabinet or other surfaces at home or work.


8. Outdoor Sign Considerations

If you are planning on ordering an outdoor sign or banner that both announces the birthday and serves as a landmark  for guests unfamiliar with the area make sure it is large enough for people to see easily from the street. If the party is at night, order a reflective sign or banner so that party guests will be able to see it in the dark.