Graduation Banner Ideas

Graduation is a huge achievement and marks a new direction in a person’s life. Using a banner to celebrate a graduation is a wonderful way to announce  the occasion to the world, and also acknowledges the hard work the graduate put into completing his or her diploma or degree.

Vinyl Banner

The Basics

As with any banner, it’s important to think about size and material prior to placing an order. If the banner is going to be for large outdoor party, or will be placed outside your home to announce the graduation to neighbors, you may wish to choose a larger banner size that  can easily be seen by attendees. A small banner is better suited to home use.

Another thing to think about is whether you want the banner to be a permanent keepsake or just for one time use at a celebration. Vinyl banners are a good, affordable option if you’re planning on just using the banner once at a graduation party. A cloth banner, on the other hand, is highly durable and makes a great permanent keepsake for the new graduate.

Graduation Banner Distinctives

Graduations are special occasions, so there are some special considerations when designing a graduation banner. Here  are some ideas for creating a unique, personalized banner for celebrating a graduation:

Announcement or Decoration

Consider the banner’s purpose before getting into design issues. Are you using the banner to announce a graduation or are you planning to use the banner as party decor? It’s not unusual for families to want to publicly acknowledge a child’s graduation publicly. In addition,  families or spouses may wish to announce the completion of a doctoral dissertation or professional school (i.e. medical or law school) with a banner.  Congratulatory banners usually contain less text and graphics than decor banners,  often using language such as “Congratulations Dr. Jane Doe on Completing Your Medical Degree!”

A decor banner is typically more challenging to design, but it also can be more personal. Again, strongly consider using cloth for decor banners, as they are more durable and the graduate is more likely to keep the banner as a memento.

Feature School and Year

When designing a decor banner, consider using the name of the school as well as the class year. This identifies the graduate as part of a group. In addition, banners that include the school and year make an excellent backdrop for party photos by instantly identifying when the photo was taken as well as the purpose of the gathering.

Use Photos

When possible, think about incorporating photos into a banner. One obvious choice is using a graduation or class photo, but you may also want to include pictures of the graduate with family, friends, pets or sports teams.  Photos personalize a banner, transforming it into what might become an important keepsake for the graduate and his/her family.

Major/Specialization Themes

Don’t be afraid to incorporate themes into the banner. For example, if somebody has graduated from medical or nursing school, healthcare images and graphics are a great addition. For high school students who were going to school on an athletic scholarship,  a sports theme can be a lot of fun. You may also want to design the banner in  the school colors of either the graduate’s former school or, in the case of high school students, the college where he or she plans to attend.