Yard Sale Advertising Tips

As yard sale season approaches, it’s time to schedule spring cleaning and plan for a successful event. While there are several factors that contribute to a profitable yard sale, a good advertising plan is a must: Letting your neighbors know that you’ll be having a sale is the best way to ensure large crowds of shoppers (and much fewer leftovers to haul to the Salvation Army afterwards).



Here are some tips for promoting your yard sale both on and offline:

1. Make Sure your Signage is Consistent

Make sure your signs look alike: Uniformity in color and design attracts attention,  different designs distract and confuse passers-by.

2. Make Signs Visible from All Directions

Make sure that people passing your house from all directions can see your yard sale signs.  Use double-sided signs for this purpose, just place one in front of your house such that traffic going either direction can see it. If your house is on a corner, place one double-sided sign on the sides of your home that are exposed to a street.  If your home has a fence around it, consider adding a sign or vinyl banner for additional visual impact.

3. Highlight Your Offerings

Many yard sale shoppers are looking for specific items, such as baby clothing, large appliances, maternity clothes or vintage items. If  a significant percentage of your offerings includes in demand items, make sure your sign states what’s available.

4. Emphasize Size

Holding a big sale? Let shoppers know about it.  If you’re moving and getting rid of most of your stuff, or teaming up with other neighbors for a multi-family event, make sure your sign reflects the enormity of the sale. Serious yard sale shoppers are more likely to visit a sale when they know they’ll have a large selection of items to choose from.

5. Create Signs for Specific Items

Some items require special signage, particularly if they are valuable. For example, if you are planning to sell appliances or electronics, signs that describe the item in detail can be really helpful. You’ll also want to include sale terms, such as “Sold as is, sale final,” in the sign’s text.

6. Include Date/Time Info on Signs

All of your signs should include the sale date(s) and times. When selecting a time for your yard sale, keep in mind that many people will arrive well before your stated opening time,  so be realistic when deciding when to begin your sale. If you set up a webpage for your sale, include your URL on the sign.

7. Promote Your Yard Sale Online

Promote your yard sale on Craigslist, community bulletin boards and via social media.  Take photographs of some of your items and insert them into your notices. This will attract attention and may even get you offers prior to your sale date. If you’ll be offering a lot of items, consider setting up a website with photos so that buyers can examine them ahead of time.

Local Ordinances Warning: Some communities and homeowners associations have rules about advertising yard sales. Common restrictions include the number of signs you can put up, the size of the signs and how far in advance you can begin placing signs on and around your home. Before investing in yard sale signs, make sure your plans don’t run afoul of local regulations.