Get Retail Signage Inspiration on Pinterest

If you are in the market for new business signage, but aren’t quite sure what you want, visit Pinterest for some inspiration.

Pinterest is a social media network based on photographs: People upload and select photographs of just about everything to share with their social networks. Fortunately for you, Pinterest has a huge selection of photographs of signage that you can use to help choose signs and banners for your event, organization or business.

business signs search on pinterest

If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, never fear. Here are some tips for using the social media platform to find ideas for banners and signs relevant to your needs:

1. Set Up An Album Board

business signs board on pinterest

After creating your Pinterest account, log in and set up a dedicated board for your sign search. This makes it easy to “pin” photos that interest you for future reference. You can even share your Pinterest board with others so that everyone can weigh in on your finds.

2. Experiment with Keywords

Take a few moments to write down potential keywords and keyword combinations before you begin your search. Be sure to add plural versions (i.e. searching for both “sign” and “signs” of your keywords for maximum returns on your searches. Another tactic is to search using both “signs” and “signage.”

Here are some ideas:

  • advertising banners
  • building signs
  • small business signs
  • car signs
  • commercial signs
  • engraved signs
  • event banners
  • business lawn signs
  • magnetic business signs
  • magnetic car signs
  • outdoor for sale banners
  • business promotional banners
  • shop signs
  • storefront signs
  • vehicle graphics
  • vinyl banners

2. Search for Businesses and Organizations

Another option is to search for pictures of businesses or organizations related to your own. While not all of the photos will include signage, you’ll be able to spot signs and window treatments in many of them. These can give you some great, industry-specific ideas for your own eye-catching signage.

3. Pay Attention to Color

If you don’t have a good sense of color, make a point of looking for signs done in pleasing color combinations. After your album has grown to 20 or so pins, have a look and see if certain color schemes dominate.  If appropriate, choose those colors for your own sign or banner designs.

4. Pay Attention to Copy

Does a Pinterest photo catch your eye because it includes well-written or well-placed text? Keep those words in mind when creating your own sign or banner. While you shouldn’t plagiarize copy, you can draw inspiration from it. For example, does the sign address common consumer concerns or does it clearly explain the nature of the business? Use similar language in your own promotional materials.

5. Use the Comment Field

You have the option of customizing your pins with your own comments, which can help you later when you’re trying to make decisions about your sign design. After moving the pin to your board, jot down the things that interest you about the sign. You can also use this information while working with a sign professional at the time that you actually place your signage order. The more your sign professional knows about your preferences and concerns, the more he or she can help you.

Getting retail sign inspiration on Pinterest is a great way to start coming up with ideas for your own retail business sign. Get started!