Tips for Effective Grand Opening Signs

As you get ready to open your own small business, it is vital that you get the word out about what it is you do and/or what services you provide.

Here are a few tips for getting people interested in your small business during those critical first few weeks, especially using a grand opening sign to announce your new business.

Coming Soon Banner

If your business has a storefront, be sure and place a large temporary “Coming Soon” sign while you are preparing the new location. This can be a low-cost vinyl banner instead of a more permanent lighted sign. Vinyl banners are durable enough that they can be installed months in advance of your grand opening day.

A coming soon banner not only satisfies the curiosity of local consumers, but also builds awareness and excitement for your new business. Don’t make the mistake of placing a basic sign that just says “Coming Soon.” To be effective, your storefront coming soon banner should also include your business name and what product/service you will be offering. It’s also not a bad idea to mention the date you plan on opening.

Grand Opening Signage

First impressions make a huge impact on consumer behavior. We cannot stress enough the importance of opening day for your small business.  This is a chance for you to secure your business’ spot into the framework of your local community.

Planning, creating, and ordering signs to announce your grand opening is the best way to get your name out there and to get people thinking and talking about your business and offerings.

Grand opening signs and banners should go up the day before your business opens. This is the time to splurge on signage, with grand opening signs and banners visible on and around your location. If possible, place directional signage on streets leading to your business, with arrows directing customers to your location.

Vehicle Graphics

Don’t forget to order magnetic signage on vehicles (these can change once your business is up and running.)  According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 90% of people surveyed notice graphics on vehicles. Hundreds of people a day can see your vehicle magnet graphics, so they are a low-cost way to build awareness of your grand opening.

Think Big

When planning, developing, and ordering your grand opening sign – THINK BIG!  You want your small business to stand out.  Catch eyes in a matter of seconds with big, bold, daring colors.  Make potential customers notice your signage.

Announce Promotions

Not only should you invest in a large grand opening banner, you should also consider having signage offering specific opening day promotions.  There’s nothing like a bargain to get the blood pumping!

Keep it Legal

While you do this, it is important to consider local ordinances when designing your signage and planning where you’re going to put them.  These laws and guidelines differ from area to area and city-to-city. When you order signage form, your order is routed to a local sign shop that can help.

Plan Ahead

With all of these signs and publicity, it is very important that you plan them out in an orderly, time-efficient manner.  They should all be ordered, completed, and delivered way in advance of your planned opening day.  Give your sign shop at least a week’s notice before you need signage installed. You can probably get signage produced and installed quicker, but with additional rush-fee costs. Without signage, there will be no buzz for your business.  And without buzz, your business could go bust.