The Psychology of Lawn Signs

Increase Engagement With Lawn Signs

Lawn signs can be a great way to establish name recognition within your local area.  Whether it’s in the effort of an election campaign, or it’s an attempt to promote a small business, it is a good idea to invest in this effective signage opportunity.

local election yard signs

Get noticed with yard signs

Indeed, The Measurement Standard claims that every lawn sign you put up represents 6-10 new potential votes for a candidate or customers for a small business.  Also, if a candidate or small business can get someone to start putting up lawn signs for them, that person is not only more likely to be committed and loyal to that candidate or small business, but they shall also encourage their friends, neighbors, and co-workers to vote for or use your candidate or small business.

Therefore, each and every lawn sign put up during a campaign or a sales promotion means more than just one more vote or customer.  It creates active engagement, which is far more useful and powerful.

In order to create an effective lawn sign political or commercial campaign, you should consider a few things:

Sign Material and Color

First, which Is the best materials and colors for your lawn sign?

SIGN.COM recommends using corrugated plastic (4mm).  This material is light and comes as an inexpensive flat rigid sheet, which is optimal for temporary signage – not just for lawn signs but also to be used on street corners, indoor wall mountings, and handheld signs.

Another great material to use for lawn signs is a banner made from vinyl (13-14 oz.).  It’s great for lawn signs, but also for banners you plan to hang from a fence or a deck.  Vinyl is a versatile fabric-like mesh.  Vinyl is also optimal for temporary signage as well.


Banners are versatile

You’re going to want your lawn signs to get noticed by the public, so it is also vital you create them with vivid, bold colors, particularly when it comes to the text conveying your message. For example, a red background with yellow text is a high-contrast combination that will get noticed.  If that clashes with your logo colors or the area surrounding your sign, then consider red text on a white background or yellow text on a black background which still gives your lawn sign eye-popping contrast.

Be sure to avoid bad color combinations at all costs, as they do not get attention, or worse, are unreadable.  Remember – if your lawn sign doesn’t get noticed it’s not bringing you any business or potential voters.  Examples of these poor lawn sign color combinations include green text with a blue background, or yellow text on white or red lettering with brown or vice-versa.

Lawn Sign Size

Second, your lawn signs should also be big, but make sure the text on those lawn signs is big as well. This will allow the message you want to convey to stand out at a distance.

As a general rule for viewing distance, sign letters need to be 1 inch tall for every meter/yard of distance the sign is commonly viewed from.  Most people won’t even stop as they pass your sign, so it’s imperative you get their attention quickly and keep your small business or political campaign fresh in their minds.

Yard Sign Location

Third, it’s also important to consider placement of your lawn sign campaign. You should only use locations where potential customers or voters passing by can see your lawn signs for more than five seconds.  While doing this, however, you should be aware of local laws and ordinances.  To avoid fines, order your signage from SIGN.COM. All orders are produced by local sign shops that are experts in local sign laws and city ordinances.

Your goal with your lawn signs should be to put them in prominent places.  Place them along high traffic streets whenever possible.  Your volunteers putting up these lawn signs should also understand once a sign is up, it needs to stay up.  Come foul weather, interfering animals, or whatever else would wish to tear your beautiful lawn signs down.

If you are running a political campaign or letting people know about a sale at your small business with a time limit, moving your lawn sign locations near the end of your campaign could allow them to become more noticeable.  Perhaps consider tying ribbons on them or even balloons – anything to catch the wandering eye.

Sign Messaging

The final consideration for your lawn sign campaign is probably the most important.  This consideration is the content of your lawn signs.  As with other signage for your candidate or small business, a strong call to action is the most effective.

small business road signs

Yard signs can work for elections, businesses or personal use

If you are getting the word out there about a candidate, consider placing a headshot on your lawn signs.  People have evolved to read and recognize faces.  They do it every day of their lives.  Having a face to go with the name you are advocating will go a long way towards keeping that name in their minds.

You could also consider putting website addresses, twitter handles, Facebook profiles, etc. on your lawn signs as well.  This will encourage even further engagement with your candidate or your small business.

The slogan you use on your lawn signs should be kept simple and to the point, and as an added bonus – catchy as well.  Remember, you only have a few seconds to get potential customers’ or voters’ attention.

All these considerations will go a long way towards ensuring your lawn sign campaign is successful in acquiring potential customers or voters.