Take Advantage of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

Google’s Latest Mobile Update

Small Business owners aware of this big change can actually use it to their advantage.

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Is your site mobile friendly?

Today’s consumers often rely on their smartphones to find local business services. To keep your small business phone ringing with new customers, potential customers need to easily acquire your business information. Unfortunately, Google recently made such access more difficult for millions of small businesses by implementing a dramatic change to its search algorithm. The change is so big, web experts are calling it “Mobilegeddon.”

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Why the change?

More than 60% of search traffic is now on mobile devices. To match this trend, Google changed its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites and now ranks them much higher in its mobile search results. Typically, mobile-friendly sites resize to fit the searcher’s screen; mobile sites also feature larger text and easy-to-click links.

Google has demoted search results for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

If not optimized for mobile devices, your small business website’s present Google mobile search ranking may be much lower than before the change. Businesses with mobile optimization now rank higher in mobile searches and are surely acquiring more business because of it.

How to Check Your Website

Here’s an easy way to see if Google’s search algorithm change is affecting your website — visit Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and enter your small business web address, and then click Analyze.

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If your website fails Google’s mobile-friendly tests, the site will tell you why and offer suggestions on how to resolve the issues. Share these results with your webmaster or web site provider and have them addressed as soon as possible.

For competitive intelligence, run this test for your competitors’ websites.

What About Your Search Ranking?

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Responsive websites are imperative

To check your search ranking, simply conduct a search on your smartphone. For example, if your small business was a sign shop is in Akron Ohio, initiate a smartphone Google search for “sign shops in Akron, Ohio.” Also conduct searches on your specialized products, which for a sign shop would be “custom signs in Akron, Ohio” or “business banners in Akron, Ohio,” for example.  Whatever your business does, do searches for the typical product or service terms potential local customers would use to find you.

Most consumers contact the businesses that first appear on the page. If your business doesn’t appear on the first page, you’re surely missing new business. Fortunately, any issues with your website can be addressed by a professional webmaster or web designer.

As a savvy small business owner, it’s worth the investment to make your web site mobile friendly, which will use this new Google algorithm change to give you a leg up on your competition.