5 Small Business Marketing Tips You Need To Know

Summer has arrived!  The air is warm, the barbecues are all fired up, and everyone is suddenly wearing flip-flops.  But what does this mean for your small business marketing strategy?

summer business ideas

Learn Something New

You need to keep your small business relevant in a constantly changing world. So take the opportunity during the summer months to learn something new.  People are constantly on vacation during this time, so your small business may experience a slower rate of incoming customers.  Instead of sitting around waiting for them to come back, though, you could be learning something new.  Social media?  Mobile advertising?  New selling skills? All great examples!  Now, once your customers return in greater numbers in the fall you will be able to meet their needs even better than you could before.

Grow Your Contacts

Another possibility to focus on during these summer months is to grow your list of contacts.  Particularly if you are in the business of seasonal marketing events – take advantage of these opportunities to connect with an even wider audience.  Think beyond social media as well – growing your email contact list is also a vital part of reaching out to new potential customers.  Consider restarting that email newsletter you let fall by the wayside.  This will encourage engagement with your small business’ goods and services.  Once more people know about your small business – word of mouth will become more and more effective.  If you are having trouble reeling in new contacts, however, consider adding incentives when it comes to signing up to email lists and newsletters.

Refresh Your Local Online Listings

In the summer, as a small business owner, you may also want to check your local search results and ratings – on desktop and mobile, and all search engines. Do searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo! of common terms potential customers would use to find your business. See where your company is listed online and what the customer reviews say.

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If you haven’t already, go to Google Business and take control of your local listings on google.   Summer is a great time to review your online presence and address any issues before things get busier in the fall.

Launch a Summer Promotion

During the summer months, you should launch a large summer promotion.  This will keep your small business’ brand fresh in people’s minds, which will in turn fuel word of mouth and bring potential new customers through your doors.  It may be a good idea to make the promotion summer-themed: swimming pools, fireworks, summer camp, etc..  The best seasonal promotions evoke the current season but also tie in nicely with the goods and services you sell.

As for specific ideas about certain seasonal promotions you may want to enact, we have a few ideas.  Keep in mind: these ideas are meant to provide your small business with a quick boost within a larger marketing campaign game plan.

For example, a giveaway may create buzz.  Everyone likes getting free things, and a giveaway could begin potential relationships with future customers.  Trust and excitement around your brand are valuable resources to accrue.

small business summer sale sign

You may also consider giving out free trials of your small business’ goods and services as well.  This is especially beneficial if your product or services takes more of a commitment to buy on the part of your potential customers.  A free trial gets the product into their hands and allows them to see if it is really something they would like to purchase out right.  These sorts of promotions also help to cultivate an environment of trust.

Other seasonal promotions to consider are contests and T-Shirts, Mugs, etc. – all with your small business’ brand on them.  This will bring about local awareness – heightening the visibility of your small business’ brand.

Refresh and Replace Your Signage

Of course, it is vital that you update your small business’ signage during the summer.  The presentation and content of your signage should not stay stagnant all throughout the year.  If your signage does, it invites people to believe your small business is not nimble enough to change and keep up with the times.  You need to create a sense of motion, of change, of adaptability.  That is not to say you should avoid dependability and honesty: but that you should be able to demonstrate to your small business’ potential customers that you are able to meet their every need in a timely manner – and even anticipate those needs if the time is right.  Signage for your small business should also be updated if you are launching a seasonal promotion, or if everyday weathering has caused damage to them.  Take care of your signs like you take care of your customers.