Small Business Marketing Ideas

Recently, we here at have written about innovative marketing ideas for your small business.  Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re an old pro at this – new ways to get potential customers’ attention are always popping up – and we are eager to discuss them.  In fact, many of these new tools you can use in your marketing campaign are centered around the digital landscape.  A digital presence can often translate into a presence in the real world.  If potential customers see the goods and/or services your small business offers online – the more likely they will be to seek them out.

Know Your Audience

Before we get to these marketing ideas, however, the first thing you should always consider is your small business’ target audience.  Who are your potential customers?  What sorts of marketing campaigns will catch their eye?  It may even help to describe your ideal potential customer – to make it clear to yourself the types of people your small business should be attracting.  What about your goods and/or services will keep them coming back for more over the years?  Once you’ve established this kind of demographic information – the goals and processes of your marketing campaign will be that much clearer and smoother.

The only thing you have to remember after advertising campaign development are the three ‘c’s of small business marketing: commitment, consistency, and confidence.

Google Paid Advertising – AdWords

The first small business marketing campaign strategy we would advise you to consider is investment in Google AdWords. With Google AdWords, you can place ads that appear on google search results for specific keywords and localized to your area. Even better, you only pay for ads that get clicks and can completely control the daily ad spend. So if you have a clear and defined understanding of your small business’ niche audience, Google AdWords can deliver boatloads of new traffic to your small business’ web presences.

As WordStream SEO specialist Andrew Riker explains: “focused, long-tail keywords that are specific to your industry will cause the highest possible click-through rate and in-turn conversions” to your small business and its goods and/or services.  You don’t even have to spend too much of your marketing campaign’s budget on this strategy either.  As Riker adds: “a small daily budget – $10-$15/day – can provide you with a large amount of traffic and in turn qualified leads, as long as the ads are relevant.”

In essence, a small daily commitment to Google AdWords equates to significant upticks in your small business’ web presence.  The more people online who are aware of you – the better – as more potential customers will be made aware of the goods and/or services your small business offers. To get started with Google AdWords, click here:

Facebook Ads

Another tried and true method of online small business marketing is the use of Facebook Ads.  Everyone uses Facebook – often daily – so the pool of potential customers waiting there is staggering!  Again, as with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads do not require a substantial online marketing budget.  For less than $10 a day, small businesses are able to reach focused customers and target specific demographics established while considering their ideal potential customers.  Facebook Ads also allow you to “minimize extemporaneous clicks from consumers [who are] just browsing or searching for information.”  The Facebook platform also gives you the ability to target potential customers by age, gender, education, and interests – which greatly streamlines the process usually involved in the attempt to get in touch with the right people. To get started with Facebook Ads, click here:


A third marketing tip to consider for your small business is the cultivation of local bloggers.  This sort of cultivation can come in several forms.  You could identify a local blogger or a top one in your industry and ask them to review some of your goods and/or services.  These bloggers often have a large following and if their review is positive it has the potential to reach a massive audience.

Another way to leverage blogging is to create a blog solely for your small business.  Keep potential customers up to date with the sorts of projects you are currently tackling.  That way, you will keep them interested throughout the year – and therefore they will be more likely to come back as a patron. If you have B2B customers, be sure and write blog posts about your business customers and highlight their goods and services along with how your business helped theirs. The other businesses are likely to share your blog posts with their customers and give you free marketing reach.

Other Ideas

Other online-based small business marketing strategies include email advertising – such as email newsletters and other special offers.  Listing your small businesses’ goods and/or services on eBay is also a great route to take.  It’s fast and inexpensive while also being a large, stable platform to attract new customers.  The same could be said for the creation of YouTube videos as well.  Anything to drum up interest in your small business and its goods and/or services.

Of course, your small business’ marketing campaign should not be solely limited to the digital space.  There are also real world, in the flesh options as well.  For example, the creation and distribution of business cards is an optimal way to advertise.  Turn your business cards into marketing vehicles by making them memorable.  Make your business cards stand out in just the same way you want your small business to stand out.

Speaking of standing out, have you considered custom vehicle advertising such as a car magnetic sign or full/partial vehicle wrap? even offers this option!  Emblazon your vehicles with your small business’ name and logo for a lot less than you would expect.  A “mobile sign” in traffic can expose your business to thousands of potential customers a day that you would otherwise not reach.

While you’re at it – one of the most obvious, yet too often sadly neglected ways to get your small business’ name out there is – you guessed it – signs and banners!  Obviously, has many blogs, tips, and tricks revolving around this most effective form of non-digital advertising.  We would highly recommend you invest in good quality signage.

There you have it – just a few more ways to get more potential customers fired up about your small business’ goods and/or service.  Now all you have to do is commit, stay consistent, and have confidence in your marketing campaign!