Seasonal Ideas For Your Small Business

In a previous blog post, we’ve covered the development of marketing campaigns for your small business.  Specifically, we’ve focused on how to develop a marketing campaign centered on seasonal occasions, events, and activities.  However, these seasonal occurrences should provide you and your small business with opportunities far beyond just your e-mail marketing campaign.

There are, of course, countless ways you can introduce your small business to people during a time when the seasons are shifting.  Perhaps a few of these ways will only last for a few days, weeks, or months – but a few could be considered year-round opportunities as well.

Let us begin with a fairly standard practice for many of your current and potential customers during the autumn season:

Back to School

This activity, obviously, will only occur for a few months of the year – but it is prime opportunity to spread the word about your small business’ goods and/or services.  Brainstorm ways in which those goods and/or services tie into the back to school season.  Perhaps you could even convince busy families to give you their lists of school supplies – and using the products you have to offer – complete it for them!  That way, potential customers will know exactly where they can buy certain supplies all year round.

Or maybe you are in the retail industry.  Whether its electronics, fashion, books, what have you – all of these industries align perfectly with the academic mood suddenly swirling through the air.  Take advantage of this!  Offer education-based deals and promotions.  Pay students to wear/show off your products.

If you find yourself in a particularly ambitious frame of mind, though, you might even consider helping students move into their new residences.  This would be particularly applicable if your small business is centered in or around a college town.  The move-in season falls somewhere between late summer and early autumn – so keep this in mind.  These students have materials they need moving quick – so if you are there to help them through this often stressful time – your small business’ name will stick in their mind.  Who knows, you could have a potential customer for life!

Around the House

It’s not just students you could be helping this time of year!  Consider helping potential customers around the house.  Maybe even with an activity tied to your small business’ goods and/or services.  Why not try your hand at yard/lawn work?  If you run a plant nursery or sell tools for home building this arrangement would be a match made in heaven!

Perhaps your small business doesn’t focus on these kinds of activities – perhaps you have a pet-focused small business.  Well, why don’t you consider pet sitting or pet grooming in that case?  Millions of people around the country are extraordinarily attached to their furred and feathered companions.  If you take care of these companions in a gentle and responsible manner – their humans will begin to trust you – and you will be able to start building relationships with stronger bonds than ever before.


One of the greatest holiday events to take place during the autumn season is Thanksgiving.  Why not take time out of your small business’ busy seasonal schedule to say ‘thank you’ to your customers – future, new, and old?  Send out Thanksgiving cards – whether by standard or e-mail.  Perhaps consider including deals and other advantageous offers within these thank you cards.  This way, you will have more customers coming in through your doors in order to experience your small business’ goods and/or services.

Autumn Signage Tips

Of course, as with any season – another great way to attract new and old customers is to create special, custom-made signage.  As for the aesthetics of your seasonal signs it is vital they stand out.  One way to ensure this is to make your signs BIG!  Keep in mind that you want to catch eyes in less than a second.  Large seasonal signs or banners have the ability to draw people in, whereas if you decide to make your sign small, it will likely be overlooked.  The larger, the more arresting.  Passersby will have no choice but to pay attention!

During autumn – make those signs Halloween, Fall Festival, Happy Harvest, or Back-to-school-themed – anything, which will get people talking, is an optimal way to attract new business.

Not only should your sign be big, but the text on that sign should also be big as well.  This will allow the message you want to convey to stand out at a distance.  As a general rule for viewing distance, sign letters need to be 1 inch tall for every meter/yard of distance the sign is commonly going to be viewed from.  For example, if passing traffic views your storefront are 20 yards away, the letters on your store signage need to be at least 20 inches tall – just to be noticed. Most people won’t even ready as they pass your sign if it’s too small, so it’s imperative that you get their attention quickly and keep your small business in their minds.

The materials you use when creating signs for your small business are just as important as their content. Depending on your needs, you should use certain materials when planning your sign.  See our blog ‘The Art and Science of Small Business Signs” for specific sign materials and their optimal uses.

By now, you should have an excellent jumping off point for autumn related small business ideas.  Again, the most important aspect in all of this is to formulate ways in which your small business and its goods and/or services tie in smoothly to the autumn season.  This seamless synergy will allow your small business to grow – not only in substantial, strong relationships – but also in people’s minds as well.