Small Business Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

So far, we have focused on advice concerning digital aspects of your small business’ marketing campaign.  While this is a vital part of your advertising campaign – particularly in this day in age – it is not, and should not be, the entire picture.

What makes a marketing campaign successful is its versatility.  In other words, your ability to reach potential customers in a diverse number of ways.  People don’t just live their lives online – and your advertising should reflect that.  Meet people where they are – and soon your small business’ goods and/or services will be at the forefront of their minds.

Local Yellow Pages and Newspapers

One of the greatest non-digital ways to reach your target customers is to list your small business in the local yellow pages.  Even in today’s computerized and mobile world, many people still use the yellow pages in order to locate the exact right small business they are looking for.  As with your sign making campaigns – the bigger the better here.  If your yellow pages ad is large, bold, and sticks out from the rest – you’ve done your job!

Coupled with your yellow pages campaign – it may be a good idea to invest in newspaper advertising.  It’s certainly true that newspapers are on the decline – but they are still a great news source for many people, especially local newspapers.  And again – bold – even colorful – ads stick out like a sore thumb.  And that is exactly what you’re aiming for!  Don’t limit yourself to just putting ads in newspapers, however!  Why not consider submitting press releases to them?  Whether they happen to be about a new product or sale – it will help people become that much more acquainted with your small business’ brand.

Local Radio and Television

Similarly, Cable TV and Radio advertising are two more great ways to get potential customers coming through your doors.  Contact a local cable TV company: they often offer advertising packages well within the budgets of small business’ marketing campaigns.  Whether it’s an ad within the TV Guide Listings or Real Estate channels or even something like the QVC channel – all of these are great ways to hit the ground running.  Radio advertising is also a cheap way to reach a large amount of people locally.

Other great small business advertising ideas include the creation and distribution of posters and flyers, the donation of prizes or other sales to local radio and TV stations for giveaway promotions, or the entrance in a parade float.

In fact, the parade float suggestion opens up a whole new non-digital marketing sphere for your small business: that of reaching out into your local community.  For example, joining a professional or business organization may not be such a bad idea.  Many of these institutions and organizations offer exclusive advertising opportunities for small businesses that join them.  These opportunities can range from free promotion on the larger organizations’ website to special discounts on TV/radio/newspaper marketing.

Local Trade Shows

Community opportunities such as participation in local trade shows are also an effective way to get your small business’ name out there as well.  This is particularly true if you are involved with a very niche industry.  The more industry insiders know your name and a little bit about your goods and/or services – the better!  If participation in larger trade shows is beyond your limited advertising budget – don’t worry.  There are many smaller trade shows accommodating these sorts of budgets.

Otherwise, sponsoring your area’s local chamber of commerce website is also a great way to reach more people.  In fact, networking at said chamber of commerce is an excellent source of bringing in new potential customers.  If your small business is associated with your local chamber of commerce – this affiliation will add more credibility – and therefore that all-important trust factor – to your goods and/or services.

Local Small Business Sponsorships

Speaking of sponsorships: local small business sponsorship of little league teams is a time-honored American tradition.  Why not become a part of it?  Get your small business’ name, brand, and logo on the team uniform.  That way, potential customers will begin to associate your company’s name with community and trust.  And those are not bad things to be associated with.

All in all – it is important to focus on and invest in your small business’ marketing campaign.  Not only in the digital sphere – but out in the world as well – specifically within your local community.  If you follow at least some of these suggestions, your small business and its goods and/or services will quickly become a trusted and valued part of that community.