Small Business Marketing to Millennials

 Small Business Marketing To Millennials

marketing to millennials

You have a small business.  It’s doing quite well and you are beginning to make a name for yourself and your small business’s brand.  But now you are attempting to aim your small buisness and its goods and/or services to specific demographics.

You are attempting to focus on one demographic in particular: Millennials.

But how exactly do you go about marketing to millennials?

The first thing you need to know is: What exactly is a “Millennial” in the first place?

Who Are Millennials?

“Millennials” has become such a vague, catch-all term, which has come to mean many different things all at once.  So let’s define the term a little bit.  Millennials are those people born between the early 1980s to the year 2000. So today, that means everyone between the ages of 15 to about 32 years-old.  In the United States of America, this means the Millennial Generation is made up of 75-86 million consumers.  For reference, Baby Boomers, the previous generation, constitute seven percent fewer than this number.

In 2015, Millennials made up half the workforce and by 2020 they will make up 75% of the workforce.  This means the Millennial Generation has power and influence right now.  In fact, the Millennial Generation is considered to have had $2.45 trillion annual spending power in 2015.  This annual spending power will surpass Boomers’ spending power by 2018.

All this goes to show Millennials are a powerful demographic for you and your small business to aim for and hopefully target as potential customers.

Millennials Are Different

The trick is, Millennials think and respond differently than previous generations – especially to marketing.  As a business owner, you must understand they are a fundamentally different species to their parents, the Baby Boomers.  Millennials are digital natives.  Since birth, [most of them] have lived in a world drowning in technology.  As a consequence, they are far more adept and comfortable when it comes to the digital world.  This is even truer in countries such as the United States of America.

small business millenials social mediaFor example, American Millennials are far more likely to be highly active when it comes to social media.  And we’re not just talking about Facebook.  YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc… – for your small business to succeed in your quest in marketing to Millennials – you must ask yourself: A) does my small business have a presence on any of these networks and B) which of these do my target millennials use? B) what do these networks do for my millennial customers that I can tap into?

Do some homework. Talk to your millennial customers about how they use their mobile devices to shop. Commit yourself and your small business in such a way so you are not left behind in the digital dust.

How to Go About Marketing to Millennials

It is vital you and your small business become part of the conversation on these social media platforms.  Do you know what Millennials are saying about your goods and services on them?  You should discover exactly what they are saying, listen, and adapt.

After you have listened and adapted, it may also prove beneficial to you and your small business to communicate with Millennials on these social media platforms.  Connect with them on a personal level.  This way your small business’s brand will stick with them and they will be far more likely to check out your goods and/or services.

Your goal should be to connect with this younger generation on a personal level.  Part and parcel of this connection is to ensure your small business’s brand has a consistent message when in the digital space – as you would in a brick and mortar space as well.  If you say you will do something, do it.  It is essential to follow through.  Keep your content steady and consistent as well.  This will create a trusting bond between your small business’s brand and potential customers from the Millennial Generation.

marketing to millennialsDigital Advertising to Millennials

When it comes to digital advertisements, it is also important to keep in mind conveying a clear, concise message.  If you wish your small business’s advertisements to go viral – you want the fact you’re selling something to be clear within such advertisements as well.  An offshoot of this is to also ensure your small business’s goods and/or services are easy and accessible to discover and purchase online.  If for some reason your goods and/or services are not – well then, you may be in a spot of bother.  If your products are not easy to find, make it a priority to have them become easy to discover.

As with any aspect of your small business, make sure your brand’s quality and service are top notch.  Millennials are like Boomers in certain ways: such as spreading the word when they have had a good experience with your small business and its goods and/or services.  The only difference is – Millennials have a much greater chance of having a much greater impact.  Millennials are incredibly connected – so if your small business and its services somehow stumble and make a mistake – many more people have the potential to know about it than ever before.

Ensure every interaction you and your small business has with a Millennial is a positive one.  Just like with the negative experiences, positive experiences also have great potential to be broadcast among the different social media platforms.

There you have it.  You and your small business should be well on its way to cultivating the coveted Millennial demographic.  It is important to stay on your toes and gather information about how Millennials are interacting with your brand.  Once you understand this – your goods and/or services will sell better among them.  On top of that, your small business’s brand will have the potential to reach an even more massive audience than you could imagine.  Once you can master marketing to millennials, you will have access to a whole new network of potential customers.