Increasing Your Small Business Visibility

Small Business Visibility

How Do You Increase Your Small Business Visibility?

Your small business is doing well.  You have a group of loyal customers who come back again and again for your goods and/or services.  Only – you have one problem – you can’t seem to find and retain more loyal customers because you don’t have enough small business visibility.

Well, fear not, for we here at are here to help you find best practices when it comes to increasing your brand and small business visibility.  Before we get into specifics, however, it is important to first define exactly what visibility is.  This way you have something to shoot for.  Visibility is the cumulative effect of publicity.  This means you should focus on creating and maintaining a stable, steady marketing campaign.  Once this has been achieved, your small business and its goods and/or services will become more visible.

So, without further adieu, here are some tips for marketing within such a campaign more effectively – and to a larger audience than you currently have access to.

Tips for Increasing Your Small Business Visibility

The number one tip we have is probably already pretty self-evident.  As a successful small business owner you probably do this anyway.  But it is always helpful to reiterate the basics.

Ensure every interaction with current and potential customers leaves those customers with a feeling you were being honest, personal, and authentic.  This of course goes without saying in a brick and mortar situation but in digital situations as well.  Chief among those digital interactions will be your social media presence.  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are an optimal way to network.  Your visibility will no doubt increase if you use these social media entities in an intelligent, thoughtful manner.  These sites are great venues for getting that personal touch through to people without even meeting.

One of the other main things you should be focusing on in order to increase your small business’s visibility is leveraging the network you already have.  (Whether in the brick and mortar or digital spaces.)  Talk to friends, colleagues, industry insiders – even those loyal customers you currently have.  Seek out referrals and testimonials and other such references from the people who know you, your small business, and its goods and/or services best.  Potential customers will be far more likely to trust you and your brand if they’ve heard about it through the grapevine or other reliable sources.

You should also focus on making sure your small buisness rises higher in Google rankings.  Of course, we are aware of the realities of this endeavor.  It can often be a frustrating and time consuming experience.  But there are ways in order to cut down that time.  For example, if you put your small business on Google maps, your small business’s listing will be sure to climb those rankings.  Coupled with this innovative strategy, make sure you continue to generate quality content on social media platforms as well as your small business’s website.

It may also behoove you to insert links somewhere within those posts – to your website and to your small business’s various goods and/or services.  This way, potential customers will know exactly where to go and how to take advantage of your small business’s goods and/or services.

Photos Are Powerful For Increasing Small Business Visibility

Additionally, when generating content through these diverse means and social media platforms – make sure you’re posting photos.  Photos have a certain viral quality about them, and this will no doubt allow your brand to heighten its current visibility.  When it comes to deciding exactly what sort of photos to include within these posts and on your small business’s website – perhaps focus on your small business’s industry.  Keep these photos fun, of course, but be sure to make them topical as well.  This will give potential customers a clear idea of who you are, what your brand is, and the sorts of goods and/or services your small business can provide.

Yet another excellent way to increase your visibility is to invest in customer rewards.  This will get potential customers excited about your small business.  One such way to do this is to create and then promote a loyalty program.  A small business loyalty program can reward enrollment, provide graduated incentives, and will keep customers coming back for more.

Along with a small business loyalty program, you may also want to create various contest giveaways.  Potential customers will be happy to win things – and will engrain positive experiences in their heads – associated with you, your small business, and your small business’s brand.

Launch An event To Increase Small Business Visibility

Small Business Visibility Event

A cocktail Party Event is a Great Way To Increase Small Business Visibility

Lastly, and this tip evolves out of customer loyalty programs and contests – is to perhaps consider launching an event.  Events are optimal for the generation of publicity.  For example, not only do events create a buzz around you and your small business, but they can also provide the media with a “hook” – a reason to feature your small business in some way.  If you also partner with a charitable organization or choose to speak at another event – such as your local Chamber of Commerce’s meeting – this can only increase the buzz for your small business.

Do not feel obligated to throw big, gigantic parties you couldn’t possibly afford (yet) either – perhaps just focus on establishing small dinner parties.  Even a small gathering has the potential for a big buzz, depending on whom you choose to invite.

There they are.  Ways in which you can ensure your small business’s visibility is growing.  If you follow just a few of the tips we’ve outlined above, you and your small business will be well on your way to new customers and even brighter horizons.