How Vehicle Signage Helps Small Business

We here at SIGN.COM have written many blog posts discussing best practices when it comes to your small business’ marketing strategy.  At SIGN.COM one of our most emphatic suggestions revolves around signs, of course.  Signs are a simple, effective, and clear way to get peoples’ attention about you, your small buisness, and your small business’ goods and/or services.  But, unfortunately, not all signs were created equal, including vehicle signage.

Small businesses often use in-store banners or signs, or window signs, but what about vehicle signage?  If you are unsure or hesitant about the use of vehicle signage within your small business’ marketing plan – well, then here are some compelling reasons why you should consider it for your business.

Vehicle Signage Can Be Tremendously Effective

It is important to keep in mind that your marketing campaign is limited only by the percentage size of your budget you wish tovehicle signage spend on it.  With that consideration at the forefront of your strategy: you most likely want to use methods that have been effective for small businesses for a long time.

Modern society spends much of its day in and around cars – they are the lifeblood of our cities and communities – and to overlook them would be a mistake.  In fact, according to a recent report conducted by the Outdoor Advertizing Association of America, small buisness owners have the potential to reach 30,000 – 70,000 people per day – just with the use of car magnets!  Imagine how many more eyeballs you could directly beam your message into if you had a full vehicle wrap!

Indeed, other places you may put signs have nowhere close to the high-visibility rates cars find themselves in on a day-to-day basis.  You may not currently be aware of this, but during your daily commute or usual errand running, your car has the capacity to reach a wide-range of people across all different demographics – some of them in very different areas to where you have set up shop with your small business.  Indeed, it has been scientifically determined that vehicle-based signage is far more effective than static signage such as those found at the edges of roads on billboards.

Cost Per Impression

Still not convinced?  Well, let’s take a look at the specifics.  Even at the low end of the spectrum – only 30,000 impressions made per day due to vehicle signage – you and your small business are getting an amazing return on investment!  Just think about it.

Let’s say the average car magnet costs about $50.  $50 dollars divided by 30,000 impressions (per day!) is equal to $.002 per impression.  Not bad.  For a fifth of a penny per impression every day – even at the low end of the impressions – you are getting an exceptional bang for your buck.  On top of this, you and your small business will be able to use and re-use that same vehicle-based sign over and over again.

Fresh Marketing

Vehicle-based signage also allows small business owners the freedom to change the message presented and conveyed by the sign.  If you had instead decided to buy a billboard for advertizing purposes, as opposed to vehicle-based signage – changing that sort of sign would be expensive and limited.  But with the convenience of vehicle signage, just pop off the magnet, put another one on: and just like that you’re ready to go! Think of the possibilities of seasonal vehicle signage that has timely messages and promotions that drive new business your way.

Indeed, if you are using a personal vehicle to advertize a small business (let’s say you wish to place vehicle signage on the vehicles of your small business’ employees) you can easily pull that signage off – and place it back on again at the beginning of a new business day.  In essence, vehicle-based signage is the most convenient of all signage.

Types of Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage varies depending on your budget and needs. The lowest-cost is obviously vehicle magnets which you can purchase for under $50 each to place on doors. They also work well on the back of trucks. You can even customize and order these magnetic signs right on SIGN.COM.

Vinyl vehicle lettering is a more permanent option and cover a vehicle more aggressively with messaging. However, as single color vinyl letters and numbers, it’s less effective marketing than signage with visual images that can communicate more emotionally.

If you have the budget, full vehicle wraps are a highly affective form of sales-generating advertising. Properly done, vehicle wraps can last for years and maintain their vibrancy. A full vehicle wrap can cost several thousand dollars and is the best way to go because it stands out the most. However a less-costly partial vehicle wrap will still get noticed and may be a more cost effective option. Fortunately, you can also request a vehicle wrap quote from a local professional sign maker right on SIGN.COM.

Keep it Legal

Now, traditionally, it is believed that if you place vehicle-based signage on your vehicle, it is legal to write off all vehicle expenses as business based expenses.  We at SIGN.COM are here to tell you that that simply isn’t true.  Again, if you attempted to do something like this, it would be against the law.

However, you would be well within your legal rights to write off any direct advertizing expense as it applies to the design, ordering, and application of magnets, wraps, or other vehicle-based signage.  Just remember to please be careful and cautious about the potential tax and money incentives when it comes to vehicle-based signage.  In fact, we here at SIGN.COM would recommend you consult a local tax and money expert in your area – just to ensure that you are your small business are well within the legal boundaries of your city, state, and country.

For every reason listed above, vehicle-based signage is a great way to get the word out there about your small business and its goods and/or services.  These vehicle-centered advertisements are a great investment – they’re fun – but most of all they catch the attention of many eyes around you as you go about your daily routines.