Grand Opening Signs

Are you getting ready to open a business? Whether your business is big or small, effective promotion will help make sure customers show up for your grand opening, buy whatever products you sell, and start building the sorts of relationships that make business both profitable and enjoyable.

Visibility is key for a successful grand opening, and your signs play a huge part in that. Many businesses utilize several types of signs to promote their grand opening. Make sure that people know you’re there and know what you have to offer by investing in high-quality, effective signage.


Grand Opening Sign Design Tips

While your particular sign strategy will depend on your marketing strategy and your budget, here are some tips that we have seen businesses use for successful grand opening signage.

● Size matters. You want your grand opening to be GRAND, right? Then use signs larger than those you might normally consider. This will help your signs to stand out from all of the other signs that people see everyday.
● Keep it simple. Make sure that the message on your signs is clear and straightforward. Announce your grand opening. Be sure to include the dates, as well as any promotions you might be offering during that time. Leave the details for people to discover when they come check out your business.
● Think about color. If you want your signs to be noticed, make sure you use contrasting colors when you create them. The colors don’t necessarily have to be bright, though they certainly can be if that is appropriate for your business. Even black and white will stand out, though.
● Don’t go overboard. You want people to know about your business and your grand opening without getting annoyed by it. This means that you should purchase and place your signs strategically, rather than trying to flood your area with them. Pick locations where your target demographic will see your signs, and be sure to put them up around your new location.
● Avoid legal problems. Before you order signs, make sure you understand any local ordinances pertaining to them. Do signs have to be under a certain size? Do they have to be permitted? How long before the grand opening can you put them up? Different locales have different laws, so know yours and avoid getting ticketed and having to take your signs down.


Grand Opening Sign Design

Are you ready to order grand opening signs for you new business? Do you have questions about the types of signs that might work best for you, or how to design a sign that will bring people into your grand opening? Our 4-step design process is simple and straightforward, and will guide you through the process of selecting a sign, choosing your design, and getting your signs made. In fact, we’ll send your designs to a local sign printer, so you can support another small business and work alongside them to make sure your signs are perfect for your grand opening.