Become a SIGN.COM Network Member for Sign and Print Businesses

Joining the Network is free, and is an excellent way for sign and wide-format print shops in North America to capture new recurring customers who typically buy online. is an on-line sign shop where all orders are routed to local sign shops in the Network for fulfillment. All orders are routed to the closest network shop to the customer, so joining the network means you get this new business instead of other shops in your area. Network members pay no fees to unless they receive an order, at which time a small fee is deducted from the order amount.

How Works

Get New Recurring Customers

  • brings sign and print businesses new customers, which they can turn into long-term business relationships
  • uniquely offers an easy, quick order process for the first-time wide-format consumer
  • After accepting an order, Network Members can (and are encouraged to) contact the customer to add additional services, like local installation and sign accessories

Local Fulfillment Network

  • All orders from are routed to the closest sign business to the customer in the network for fulfillment
  • Network members receive an email when a new order is sent to them with order details and links to design files
  • Network members contact the customer, provide all customer support and order fulfillment

National Pricing

  • To be competitive with well-established national online sellers of signage, has national pricing
  • Consumer prices on are based on national research and recommendations from sign shops

Cost to Join the Network

  • Sign and print businesses pay no fees for the introduction to new customers until they receive an order through
  • charges consumers and pays network members for orders after fulfillment and customer acceptance
  • Network members receive full price for each order, less the SIGN.COM network fee of 20%
  • All credit card processing fees are paid for by the SIGN.COM sponsor, SAi