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Central Oregon, specifically the area surrounding the Deschutes River, has been inhabited for at least 12,000 years.  The future state had been inhabited by Native Tribes as diverse as the Coquille (Ko-Kwell), Bannock, Chinook, Chasta, Klamath, Kalapuya, Molalla, Nez Perce, Takelma, Tillamook, and Umpqua peoples.  Native tribes used the Deschutes River for hunting and fishing.  That was, until 1824, when the first ‘Americans’ arrived in 1824.  This was a fur trapping company led by Peter Skene Ogden.  Americans first established the specific area known as Farewell Bend, where the city got its name, in May of 1901, with the construction of the Pilot Butte Development Company’s plant.  Farewell Bend was one of the few fordable points along the Deschutes River.  The city of Bend, Oregon was officially incorporated on January 4th, 1905.


Today, according to a 2013 estimate by the US Census Bureau, the city of Bend, Oregon has a population of 81,236 people.  This makes it Central Oregon’s largest city and the 398th most populous city in the country.  Bend’s metropolitan area, however, according to that same 2013 report, has a population of 165,954 people.  This makes it the 245th most populous metropolitan area in the United States and the fifth largest metropolitan area in the entire state of Oregon.

One of the largest industries in Bend, Oregon is the tourist industry.  Attractions like Cascade Lakes and the Mount Bachelor ski resort brings visitors from all over the Cascadian area.  In fact, Mount Bachelor is a stratovolcano atop a shield volcano located within the Cascade Volcanic Arc.  It has an elevation of 9,068 ft (2,764 m).  The ski resort has been in operation since 1958.  As for Cascade Lakes, they are used for fishing, hiking, and snowmobile riding.


Bend’s largest employer is the St. Charles Medical Center, responsible for 2,740 local jobs.  The Bend metropolitan area also serves as the headquarters for companies like 1859 magazine, American Licorice Company, Bend Radio Group, Breedlove Guitars, Edge Wireless, Epic Aircraft, SCE Bend Studio, and Western Communications.


One of Bend’s most treasured industries is that of brewing.  In fact, Deschutes Brewery’s headquarters are also located in the area.  According to Central Oregon’s Brewing Guild, Deschutes Brewery is the sixth largest craft brewery in the United States and the largest microbrewery in the city of Bend, Oregon.  Bend, Oregon also hosts various brewery-related festivals throughout the year such as The Bend Oktoberfest, The Little Woody Barrel Aged Brew and Whiskey Fest, Bend Brewfest, and Central Oregon Beer Week.


Bend is home to a few buildings listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places: Trinity Episcopal Church, Bend Amateur Athletic Club Gymnasium, Thomas McCann House, Charles Boyd Homestead Group, O’Kane Building, Downing Building, N.P. Smith Pioneer Hardware Store, Drake Park Neighborhood Historic District, and the George Palmer and Dorothy Binney Putnam House.


Bend, Oregon is home to several sports teams.  These include the West Coast Collegiate League’s Bend Elks, who play at Vince Genna Stadium.  The Central Oregon Hotshots of the International Basketball League also play in Bend, as do Premier Arena Soccer League’s Central Oregon Steelheaders.  The Steelheaders play their home matches in the Central Oregon Indoor Sports Center.  Bend, Oregon also boasts a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association league, the Lava City Roller Dolls.

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