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Camden is a city located in the southwestern portion of the present day U.S. state of New Jersey.  Prior to invasions perpetrated by those of European descent, this area had been inhabited for hundreds of years by the Unalachtigo-Delaware peoples.  The first permanent European settlement in the area occurred in 1626, when the Dutch West India Company established Fort Nassau exactly where Camden, New Jersey stands now.  Following the construction of a ferry system in 1695, Camden, New Jersey began to truly develop; largely due to the efforts of three main families: The Coopers, The Kaighns, and the Mickels.  They named the growing settlement in honor of Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden.  The city of Camden, New Jersey was officially incorporated on February 13th, 1828.

Today, according to a 2016 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Camden, New Jersey has a total population of 74,420 people.  This makes it the 12th most populous city in the entire state of New Jersey.  The city of Camden, New Jersey is also considered the most populous city in the county of Camden.  In fact, Camden, New Jersey has been the county seat of Camden County, New Jersey.

The city of Camden, New Jersey is known for its ‘eds and meds’ institutions – which include Rutgers University-Camden (founded as South Jersey Law School in 1926), Coper Medical School of Rowan University, Cooper University Hospital, and Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center.  Astoundingly, according to a Fall 2012 report by Rutgers University-Camden, these institutions account for a whopping “45% of Camden, New Jersey’s total employment.”  Other prominent employers located in the Camden, New Jersey area include the Campbell Soup Company (which is headquartered in the city), the State of New Jersey, Susquehanna Bank, L3 Technologies, and the Delaware River Port Authority.

Speaking of which, the Camden Waterfront boasts four major tourist attractions: BB&T Pavilion, Campbell’s Field, the Adventure Aquarium, and the USS New Jersey.  The USS New Jersey – also known as ‘Big J’ or ‘Black Dragon’ is an Iowa-class battleship which served the United States Navy during WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.  Black Dragon earned 19 battle stars in total.  She was donated to the Home Port Alliance in Camden, New Jersey, where she now serves as a museum ship.  As for the Adventure Aquarium, which opened in 1992, this AZA accredited institution “features about 8,000 animals living in varied forms of semi-aquatic, freshwater, and marine habitats.”

Elsewhere in and around the city of Camden, New Jersey is the Walt Whitman House.  The Walt Whitman House, which is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and considered a U.S. National Historic Landmark, is famous for its role as the last residence of one of (if not the) most eminent American poets, Walt Whitman.  The Walt Whitman House, which was built around 1848, features six rooms and is now operated as a museum by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry.

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