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Foxborough is a city located in the southeastern portion of the present-day U.S. state of Massachusetts.  Of course, prior to meddling by those of European descent, this area of the soon to be United States was inhabited by the Massachusett people.  Foxborough, Massachusetts itself was settled in 1704 and then later incorporated into a city officially in 1778.  Foxborough, Massachusetts was named in honor of Charles James Fox, who was a Whig member of Parliament in England, but who had been a “staunch supporter of the Colonies in the years leading up to the American Revolution.”

Interestingly, residents of Foxborough, Massachusetts seem unable to spell the name of their city properly, and therefore the United States Postal Service was forced to make “Foxboro” the “correct form by which to address mail to recipients residing in the city.”

Today, according to a 2010 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Foxborough, Massachusetts has a total population of 16,693 people.  Foxborough, Massachusetts is located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts.  Additionally, Foxborough, Massachusetts is considered part of the Boston metropolitan statistical area.  The Boston metropolitan statistical area, according to a 2016 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, has a total population of 4,628,910 people.  This makes it the most populous metropolitan area in the state of Massachusetts and the 10th most populous metropolitan area in the United States.

Historically, Foxborough, Massachusetts was dominated by the straw hat manufacturing industry.  In fact, the city was once home to the world’s largest straw hat factory.  This factory, Union Straw Works, had been founded by local Foxborough, Massachusetts businessman E.P. Carpenter.  Sadly, however, Union Straw Works burned to the ground at the beginning of the last century.  The Foxborough, Massachusetts post office now stands where Union Straw Works once did.

Other notable points of interest sprinkled throughout the Foxborough, Massachusetts environ include F. Gilbert Hills State Forest, which is considered a Massachusetts State Park.  Previously known as Foxboro State Forest, F. Gilbert Hills State Forest encompasses 1,027 acres (416 ha) of pine and oak forest.  This forest is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).  It was named for a former State Forester and employee.

Elsewhere within the city of Foxborough, Massachusetts is the Orpheum Theater.  Today, the Orpheum Theater is a non-profit and serves as the home for Bay Colony Productions, “a local community theater company.”  Foxborough, Massachusetts is also home to Foxboro Grange Hall, which is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  Foxboro Grange Hall, which was built in 1897 in the Late Victorian architectural style, features three-stories.  Elsewhere, Memorial Hall is also listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  Memorial Hall’s single-story, granite Gothic Revival Structure was built in 1868, “and for many years housed Foxborough, Massachusetts public library.”  Foxborough, Massachusetts is also home to two private schools.  These Foxborough, Massachusetts private schools are Foxborough Regional Charter School and The Sage School.

There are no sporting franchises of worthy repute anywhere near the Foxborough, Massachusetts area.

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