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Great Falls is a city located in the western half of the present-day U.S. state of Montana.  Prior to meddling by those of European descent, this area was inhabited by the Salish, then the Piegan Blackfeet peoples.  Interestingly, the first people of European descent to visit this region were members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition on June 13, 1805.  However, the specific city of Great Falls, Montana would not be founded until all the way in 1883, when a businessman by the name of Paris Gibson visited the nearby falls, and according to The Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, “was deeply impressed by the possibilities for building a major industrial city near the falls with power provided by hydroelectricity.”  And so, he did.  As one can probably already guess, the city of Great Falls, Montana was named for the great falls nearby.

Today, according to a 2016 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Great Falls, Montana has a total population of 58,505 people.  This makes it the third most populous city in the entire state of Montana and the 617th most populous city in the country.  As for Great Falls, Montana’s metropolitan area, according to that same 2016 estimate, it has a total population of 82,278 people.  This makes it the 374th most populous metropolitan area in the entire United States of America.

The city of Great Falls, Montana’s economy is dominated by the heavy military presence in and around it.  Indeed, the city is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base, which was built in 1941 and is considered part of Air Force Global Strike Command.  Malmstrom Air Force Base also garrisons the 341st Missile Wing.  Additionally, the area is home to the largest missile complex in the Western Hemisphere.  The 889th Army Reserve Unit and the 819th Red Horse Rapid Deployment Unit are also garrisoned here.  Great Falls International Airport garrisons the Montana Air National Guard’s 120th Airlift Wing, which is “composed of C-130 Hercules (c-130H) cargo aircraft and associated support personnel.”

As stated previously, the city of Great Falls, Montana was named after the five great falls located in the region.  These falls make up part of the Great Falls Portage, which was the route taken by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805, to “portage around the Great Falls of the Missouri River during the outbound portion of the expedition.”  Today, the Great Falls Portage is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is considered a U.S. National Historic Landmark District.

Great Falls, Montana is also home to the C. M. Russell Museum Complex, the University of Great Falls (or the University of Providence as it is now known), and Great Falls College – Montana State University.  As for professional sporting franchises of note, Great Falls, Montana is home to several.  Rocky Mountain Football League’s Great Falls Gladiators play their home games at Memorial Stadium, while North America 3 Hockey League’s Great Falls Americans play theirs in Great Falls Ice Plex.  Baseball’s Pioneer League’s Great Falls Voyagers, who play their home games at Centene Stadium, have a name and logo referencing the infamous local UFO sighting known as ‘The Mariana UFO Incident,’ which occurred in 1950.  The Voyagers are an affiliate of MLB’s Chicago White Sox.  The Great Falls Voyagers have a whopping twelve league titles to their names.

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