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Lee’s Summit is a city located in the northwestern region of the present-day U.S. state of Missouri.  Prior to meddling by those of European descent, this area had been inhabited for thousands of years.  In fact, the Hopewell people used this area to hunt until around 300 A.D.  Following the Hopewell, this area was occupied by the Mississippi from around 760 to 1290 A.D.  After these groups, the Kansa, Osage, Otos, and Missouri people were also prevalent in this region.

As for Lee’s Summit, Missouri specifically, the village was first settled by those of European descent around 1850, when William B. Howard named their new homestead after his wife, Maria D. Strother.  The town was known as Strother until 1865, when it was renamed in honor of another early settler to the area, Dr. Pleasant John Graves Lea, who had been killed in 1862 by Kansas Jayhawkers (or Redlegs).  Initially, surveyors for the Missouri Pacific Railroad settled on Lea’s Summit, but they misspelled the name as “Lees Summit on a boxcar, which served as the town’s station at the time.”  Eventually, the name Lee’s Summit, Missouri stuck.

Today, according to a 2017 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Lee’s Summit, Missouri currently has a total population of 97,290 people.  This makes it the sixth most populous city in the entire state of Missouri.  Additionally, this also makes the city of Lee’s Summit, Missouri the sixth most populous city within the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  As for the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, according to an earlier 2015 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, it has a total population of 2,159,159 people.  This makes it the 30th most populous metropolitan area in the entire United States of America.

The city of Lee’s Summit, Missouri was ranked by CNN’s Money Magazine as 44th on its list of the 100 Best Cities to Live in the United States, back in 2006.  By 2010, Lee’s Summit, Missouri’s ranking had improved to 27th on that same list!  Apparently, quality of life in Lee’s Summit, Missouri has not just steadily – but rapidly – improved!

As reported by Lee’s Summit, Missouri’s Economic Development Council back in 2017, there are several major and notable workforce employers in the area.  In fact, the largest employer in the Lee’s Summit, Missouri area is Lee’s Summit R-7 Schools, which is responsible for 2,420 jobs.  Coming in at second is the University of Central Missouri, which employs 2,000 locals.  The city of Lee’s Summit itself comes in at third, with 1,380 employees, while St. Luke’s Health System provides 1,300 jobs to Lee’s Summit, Missouri’s local economy.  Other major employers in and around the Lee’s Summit, Missouri area include Truman Medical Center – Lakewood, John Knox Village, Aspen Contracting Inc., GEHA Holding Inc., ATT Call Center, CVS Caremark Call Center, Metropolitan Community College, and Viracor-IBT Laboratories.

Elsewhere within the city of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, you will find two separate public libraries.  Both of these libraries are branches of the Mid-Continent Public Library.

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