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Mandan is a city located in the present-day U.S. state of North Dakota.  Prior to incursions by those of European descent, this area was inhabited by the Mandan peoples.  This is not a coincidence!  The first Europeans to arrive and explore this region were French fur trappers – who misheard the name of the Mandan peoples.  Today, the Mandan are part of the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation, which covers the upper Missouri River in the western portion of the state of North Dakota.  As for the town of Mandan, North Dakota specifically, it was, of course, named for the Mandan people.  As for its official incorporation, there are two stories.  Of course, the town was founded in order to support the Northern Pacific Railroad, but its incorporation has two competing stories, according to a 1931 edition of the Mandan Daily Pioneer.  One of these stories claims the town was named and incorporated by John Andrew Rea and Northern Pacific Railroad engineer Thomas L. Rosser, while the more accepted theory credits Frederic Gerard with the naming.  In any case, the city of Mandan, North Dakota was officially founded in 1881.

Today, according to a 2016 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Mandan, North Dakota has a total population of 21,769 people.  This makes it the eighth most populous city in the entire state of North Dakota.  Due to Mandan, North Dakota’s location across the Missouri River from North Dakota’s capital of Bismarck, Mandan, North Dakota is also considered a core city of the Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Statistical Area.  The Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Statistical Area, according to that same 2016 U.S. Census Bureau estimate, has a total population of 131,635 people.  This makes it the most populous metropolitan area in the entire state of North Dakota.

Back in 2013, the city of Mandan, North Dakota was benighted with the honor of “Most Patriotic City” by Rand McNally.  Additionally, the Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Statistical Area has been honored, repeatedly, on Forbes’ list of Top 5 Best Small Places for Business and Careers.  The cities have also appeared on CNN Money’s list of top 100 places to live as well.

Historically, as one can probably already guess, Mandan, North Dakota’s economy has been dominated by the agricultural sector.  However, in recent years, the city’s economy has diversified into other sectors such as food processing, petroleum refining, electrical power generation, software development, manufacturing and retail trade, “as well as all manner of professional services for its residents.”  This city is also known as the location for National Information Systems Cooperative (NISC), “which develops and supports software and hardware solutions for utility cooperatives and telecommunications companies across the nation.”

Otherwise, the city of Mandan, North Dakota is also known as the location for institutions of education and higher learning such as Mandan High School, Christ the King School, St. Joseph School, and Bismarck State College.  Medically, the city of Mandan, North Dakota is also known as the location for Triumph Hospital Central Dakotas, which is a critical care hospital.

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