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Minot is a city located in the northwestern-portion of the present-day U.S. state of North Dakota.  Prior to European invasion, this area was inhabited by the Arikara and Hidatsa people groups.  The first Europeans to arrive and explore this region were French fur trappers.  However, as for the establishment of the city of Minot, North Dakota, this occurred in 1886, when “James J. Hill’s Great Northern Railway ended its push through the state for the winter, after having difficulty constructing a trestle across Gassman Coulee.”  This marked the end of the line.  As a result, whenever a train came here, the conductor would shout “Minot, this is Minot, North Dakota, prepare to meet your doom!”  A tent city sprang up around this spot – garnering it the nickname ‘Magic City’ – 5,000 residents had suddenly appeared, almost overnight.  The city is named after Henry D. Minot, who was a friend of Hill’s, a railroad investor, and an ornithologist.  The city of Minot, North Dakota was officially incorporated on July 16th, 1887.

Today, according to a 2016 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Minot, North Dakota has a total population of 48,743 people.  This makes it the fourth most populous city in the entire state of North Dakota.  As for Minot, North Dakota’s metropolitan area, according to that same 2016 report, it has a total population of 77,959 people.  This makes it the 74th most populous metropolitan area in the entire United States of America.

Minot, North Dakota is now known as a trading hub for “a large portion of northern North Dakota, southwestern Manitoba, and southeastern Saskatchewan.”  According to Minot, North Dakota’s City’s 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the largest employer in the Minot, North Dakota area, by a long margin, was Minot Air Force Base, which is responsible for 6,754 local jobs.  Coming in at second and third were Trinity Health and Minot Public Schools, which employ 2,066 and 1,020 people, respectively.

Minot Air Force Base, which was built in 1957, has been in use since then.  This Air Force base, which is part of Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC), garrisons two major wings: the 5th Bomb Wing and 91st Missile Wing, which are both part of the Global Strike Command (AFGSC) as well.

While Minot Air Force Base is undoubtedly one of – if not the – defining elements of the city of Minot, North Dakota, it certainly is not the only one.  Indeed, the city of Minot, North Dakota is also home to Minot’s Scandinavian Heritage Park.  This park, which includes a church built in the Scandinavian style of architecture, commemorates much of the citizens of Minot, North Dakota’s heritage.  Indeed, nearly 40% of people in the city are of Scandinavian heritage.  As a result of this, every October since 1977 has seen Norsk Hostfest appear in the city.  Norsk Hostfest is the largest Scandinavian festival in North America.

As for sports, Minot, North Dakota is presently home to one professional sporting franchise of note.  North American Hockey League’s Minot Minotauros play their home games in Maysa Arena.

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