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Paterson is a city located in the northeastern portion of the present-day U.S. state of New Jersey.  Prior to invasions by those of European descent, this area was inhabited by the Algonquian-speaking Native American Acquackanonk tribe of the Lenape, who have often been referred to as the Delaware peoples.  As for this area specifically, the Delaware called it ‘Lenapehoking.’  Eventually, the Dutch claimed this area as the New Netherlands – followed by the British takeover – which renamed the area ‘The Province of New Jersey.’  The Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufacturers (S.U.M.), which was founded in 1791, in part by Alexander Hamilton (yes, that Alexander Hamilton), had its goal set on “harnessing the energy of the Great Falls of the Passaic River,” in order to “secure economic independence from British manufacturers.”  As a result, S.U.M. founded the city of Paterson, New Jersey in 1792.  In fact, the charter which established the town was signed by William Paterson himself, the town’s namesake and statesman, signer of the Constitution, and Governor of New Jersey.

Today, according to a 2017 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Paterson, New Jersey has a total population of 148,678 people.  This makes it the 3rd most populous city in the entire state of New Jersey.  Interestingly, Paterson, New Jersey is also the city with the second-highest density of any U.S. City, after New York City, with over 100,000 people.

Historically, Paterson, New Jersey’s economy has been dominated by the silk production industry.  In fact, the city’s economy was so dominated by this industry, it has often been nicknamed ‘Silk City.’  However, since the decline of the silk industry towards the end of the nineteenth century, the city of Paterson, New Jersey has evolved.  In fact, today, the city is known as “a major destination for Hispanic, Indian, South Asian, Arab, and Muslim immigrants.”  Paterson, New Jersey now contains the second-largest Muslim population in the United States, at least by percentage.

Paterson, New Jersey is perhaps most famous for serving as the site for the Great Falls of the Passaic River.  This National Historic Park, which is listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places, the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and which is also considered a U.S. National Historic Landmark District, is a prominent waterfall reaching 77 ft (23 m) high.  This park, which is now administered by the National Park Service, has “played a significant role in the early industrial development of New Jersey.”  Additionally, this park is considered part of the Great Falls of Patterson-Garret Mountain National Natural Landmark.

The city of Paterson, New Jersey is also home to the Paterson Museum, which is located within the Great Falls Historic District.  The city also serves as the site of Lambert Castle, which was built all the way back in 1892.  Culturally, at least, the city of Paterson, New Jersey is perhaps best known as the inspiration for William Carlos Williams’ epic poem ‘Paterson,’ which comprises 5 full volumes and is considered one of the seminal works in the American Poetic Cannon.

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