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Pueblo is located towards the southern portion of the U.S. state of Colorado.  Prior to United States interference, the local native tribes in this region hadn’t built a city in the specific area which would eventually become Pueblo, Colorado.  In 1842, trappers James Beckwourth, George Simpson, and Mathew Kinkead claimed to have constructed a plaza, which became known as El Pueblo or Fort Pueblo.  In the Spanish language, ‘pueblo’ means ‘town.’  Fort Pueblo became a thriving trading center between settlers and various native tribes.  The modern-day city of Pueblo is a consolidation of our towns: Pueblo, which was incorporated in 1870, South Pueblo, which was incorporated in 1873, Central Pueblo, which was incorporated in 1882, and Bessemer, which was incorporated in 1886.  Prior to Bessemer joining the others, the City of Pueblo was officially consolidated between March 9th and April 6th of 1886.  Pueblo had previously been incorporated on November 15th, 1885.

Today, according to a 2013 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city of Pueblo, Colorado has a total population of 108,249 people.  This makes it the eighth most populous city in the state of Colorado and the 246th most populous city in the United States.  Pueblo, Colorado is considered the primary city in the Pueblo-Canon City combined statistical area.  According to that same estimate, the Pueblo-Canon City combined statistical area has a total population of 208,000 people.  This makes it the 134th most populous combined statistical area in the United States.

Pueblo, Colorado is the proud home of the Federal Citizen Information Center, which is operated by the General Services Administration.  The city also serves as the home for the headquarters of the Colorado Lottery.  Additionally, Vestas Wind Systems “has constructed the largest (nearly 700,000 sq. ft.) wind turbine tower manufacturing plant in the world at Pueblo’s Industrial Park.”

If that isn’t enough to knock your socks off, Pueblo, Colorado is also soon to be the home of the largest solar-energy farm east of the Rocky Mountains – which is under construction by Xcel Energy.  The largest employers in the city, however, are Parkview Medical Center (with 2,600 employees) and Pueblo City Schools District 60 (responsible for 1,800 jobs).

One of Pueblo, Colorado’s best known landmarks is the Union Avenue Historic Commercial District.  The Union Avenue Historic Commercial District, comprising sixty-nine contributing properties, is about a century old and built in the Lake Victorian style of architecture.  The Union Avenue Historic Commercial District is considered a U.S. Historic District and listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

One of this city’s most distinctive landmarks is the Historic Arkansas River Project.  According to Stone World, this project, which began in 1995, “features a man-made waterway that is accessible to the public free of charge.  It is a celebration of the original path of the Arkansas River, whose route was the main reason for Pueblo’s location.”  Other notable locations in Pueblo, Colorado include Buell Children’s Museum, El Pueblo History Museum, Lake Pueblo State Park, Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo, Pueblo Zoo, the Steelworks Museum of Industry and Culture, and Weisbrod Aircraft Museum.

Interestingly, Pueblo, Colorado has been recognized by the Congressional Record as the town in the United States with the largest percentage of per capita Medal of Honor recipients.  Pueblo, Colorado has had four native sons bestowed with the honor, and as such has become known as the “Home of Heroes.”

Pueblo, Colorado is also home to the largest festival in the state.  The Colorado State Fair, which has been active since 1872, features a number of events and many farmers’ stalls.  One of the premier events at the fair is Professional Bull Riders’ team finals, which is broadcast around the world.  In fact, Professional Bull Riders moved its corporate headquarters to the city.  Colorado State University-Pueblo’s football team won the NCAA Division II Football Championship in 2014.

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