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Sioux City is located in the western most region of the US state of Iowa.  This area is considered the tallgrass prairie of the North American Great Plains.  Prior to European meddling, the speakers of Siouan languages lived here.  Sioux City’s specific area was inhabited by the Yankton Sioux.  This is where Sioux City derives its name.  The first peoples of European descent to arrive in the area came in the 18th century.  They were Spanish and French fur trappers.  The first Americans to document their experiences in this area were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark during their famous expedition in 1804.  (More about the events of their time in what would become Sioux City later.)

Sioux City would be planned out in the winter of 1854-1855.  Sioux City, Iowa was then officially incorporated in 1857.  Following these events, the Sioux City Elevated Railway opened in 1891.  It was the third steam powered elevated rapid transit system in the world.  In 1892, it became the first electric-powered elevated railway in the world.

Today, according to an estimate by the US Census Bureau in 2013, the total population of Sioux City, Iowa is 82,459 people.  This makes it the fourth most populous city in the state of Iowa and the 393rd most populous city in the country.  Sioux City, Iowa also serves as the primary city of the five-county Sioux City, IA-NE-SD Metropolitan Statistical Area.  The Sioux City, IA-NE-SD Metropolitan Statistical Area has a total population of 168,825 people, according to a 2010 estimate.  This makes it the 241st most populous metropolitan statistical area in the United States.

Members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition constitute the first American citizens to visit what would become the Sioux City area.  In fact, the only member of this expedition to die during its two and a half-year duration, Sergeant Charles Floyd, died in this area on August 20th, 1804.  In fact, there is a monument in his honor on the Missouri River at Floyd’s Bluff in Sioux City.  The Sergeant Floyd Monument, which took over from the original memorial (constructed in 1804), was built in 1901.  It is an obelisk.  The Sergeant Floyd Monument is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is considered a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

The largest employer in the Sioux City area is Tyson Fresh Meats, responsible for 4,768 jobs, or 11.30% of the local workforce.  Elsewhere in the area, Sioux City serves as the home of the 185th Air Refueling Wing.  The 185th Refueling Wing is part of the Air National Guard.

One of Sioux City’s most famous attractions is the Fourth Street Historic District.  Listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and considered a U.S. Historic District, Fourth Street “consists of a concentration of fifteen late-nineteenth-century commercial buildings…[dating] from 1889 to approximately 1915.”  Many of these buildings are famous for their Romanesque Revival architecture.  They now serve as restaurants, bars, and stores.

As for sports, Sioux City, Iowa contains a multitude of franchises.  Champions Indoor Football’s Sioux City Bandits play their home games at the Tyson Events Center.  The Bandits have three championships to their names.  The American Association’s Independent Baseball Sioux City Explorers play their home games at Lewis and Clark Park.  The United States Hockey League’s junior Sioux City Musketeers play their home matches in the Tyson Events Center.  The Musketeers have won the gold cup once, the Anderson Cup twice, and the Clark Cup three times.  The Sioux City Roller Dames are a non-profit roller derby corporation who play their home games at the Longlines Family Recreation Center.  Midwest Football Alliance’s Sioux City Stampede play in the area, as do the city’s official rugby team, the Sioux City Swine.  Interestingly, Major League Baseball’s Chicago White Sox began life as the Sioux City Cornhuskers of the Western League in the late 19th century.

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