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Trinidad is a home rule municipality located in the southeastern most region of the current U.S. state of Colorado.  Prior to incursions by European explorers, this area had been inhabited by hunter-gatherer peoples from 8,000 to 6,000 B.C. until about 200 A.D.  After these people groups had moved on, the Pueblo peoples arrived in the region and remained until the 14th century.  The area which would eventually become Trinidad, Colorado was first explored by Spanish and Mexican traders.  They were attracted here due to its proximity to the Santa Fe Trail.  Trinidad, Colorado itself was founded in 1862, soon after coal had been discovered in the region.  Trinidad refers to the Spanish word for the ‘holy trinity.’  Trinidad, Colorado was officially incorporated on December 30th, 1879.

According to a 2012 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, Trinidad, Colorado has a total of 8,771 people.  This makes it the most populous city in Las Animas County, Colorado.  Trinidad, Colorado also serves as Las Animas County’s county seat.

For much of its existence, Trinidad, Colorado’s economy was dominated by that of the coal mining industry.  Many miners who worked in the coal mines of the Raton Basin lived in the town.  In 1902, 13 miners were killed in a gas explosion at the Bowen Town coal mine, while two dozen striking miners seeking union recognition were killed in 1914 by the Colorado National Guard and the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company (which was owned by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. at the time) in an incident forever after known as ‘The Ludlow Massacre.’  These coal mines are now gone, but companies have returned in order to drill “new gas wells to extract coalbed methane from the remaining coal seams” in the area.

Trinidad, Colorado was also famous for a few other things throughout the years as well.  This home rule municipality was, during the 1900s, home to the first female sports editor of a newspaper in the nation, Ina Eloise Young.  Young’s expertise was in baseball (which, back then, was the most popular and dominant sport in the country), and in 1908, she became the only woman sportswriter to cover the World Series.

Trinidad, Colorado was once known as the “Sex Change Capital of the World,” due to the local Dr. Stanley Biber, who was internationally renowned as a practitioner of sex reassignment surgery.  At his peak (in the seventies), Dr. Biber performed about four sex change operations every day.  Trinidad became so synonymous with these surgeries that the term “taking a trip to Trinidad” became a euphemism for trans people seeking the procedures Dr. Biber offered.  Dr. Biber’s practice was taken over by Dr. Marci Bowers in 2003, and she moved it to San Mateo, California, where she continues Dr. Biber’s work.

Trinidad, Colorado was also home to Drop City, a countercultural “hippie commune” established in 1965 by art students and filmmakers from the University of Kansas and University of Colorado Boulder.  Drop City was dubbed the first establishment of its kind by the international media, and it was featured by Life and Time magazines.  Drop City disbanded in the early 1970s.

Trinidad, Colorado, as stated above, is also located along the historic Santa Fe Trail, which was established in 1822.  Now governed by the National Park Service, the Santa Fe Trail was once “a 19th-century transportation route through central North America [connecting] Independence, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

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