Tuscaloosa, Alabama


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Tuscaloosa Business Signs

Tuscaloosa is located in the western portion of the US state of Alabama.  The Mississippian culture had been well established in this region for nearly 12,000 years before other Native tribes such as the Creek, Cherokee, Alibamu, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Koasati, and Mobile peoples settled there.  European conquest in the region came to a head in 1540 when the Spanish, under Hernando de Soto, defeated a Muskogean-speaking people led by Tuskaloosa at the Battle of Mabila.  The river the city was built near was named after this native hero – and the city was named for the river.  The river is now called the Black Warrior River.  The town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama was officially incorporated on December 13th, 1819, one day before Congress admitted Alabama into the Union as a state.  Many native peoples were forced off this land in 1834 by order of President Andrew Jackson during the bloody Trail of Tears.

Today, according to a 2014 estimate by the US Census Bureau, the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama has a total population of 96,122 people.  This makes it the fifth most populous city in the state of Alabama and the 213th most populous city in the United States.  Tuscaloosa is the principal city in the Tuscaloosa Metropolitan Statistical Area, which according to that same estimate, has a total population of 235,628 people.  This makes it the 190th most populous metropolitan area in the country.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s economy is dominated by education.  Education is hardly the only active industry in the area, however.  Tuscaloosa is home to several operations for major corporations including BFGoodrich Tire Manufacturing, GAF Materials Corporation, Hunt Refining Company, JVC America, Nucor Steel, Phifer Wire, and the Westervelt Company.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is also notable as being the site for the first North American Mercedes-Benz automotive assembly plant.  Today, the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International assembly plant assembles Mercedes-Benz M-Class, R-Class Grand Sport Tourer, and GL-Class vehicles.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is, of course, most famous as being home to the University of Alabama, which was established on December 18th, 1820.  Now, the University of Alabama is a public research university “offering programs of study in 13 academic divisions.”  In fact, the University of Alabama runs the only publicly supported law school in the state of Alabama.  According to 2015 analysis by U.S. News & World Report, the University of Alabama “has been consistently ranked as one of the top 50 public universities in the nation.”  The University of Alabama has 37,665 students enrolled in total, with a $659 million endowment.

The city of Tuscaloosa’s sports scene is dominated by the University of Alabama’s ‘Crimson Tide.’  The Crimson Tide area a member of NCAA Division I – SEC.  As for national championships, theirs are numerous: three in golf, one in women’s softball, six in women’s team gymnastics – but the true cream of the crop is Alabama’s college football team – winners of 16 national championships.  Crimson Tide’s football team plays their home games at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Bryant-Denny Stadium, which opened on September 28th, 1929, has a seating capacity of 101,821 people, which makes it the fourth largest stadium in the Southeastern Conference, the seventh largest stadium in the United States, and the eighth largest stadium in the world.