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We’ve simplified signatures so you can get back to work

Send sign requests

Make it easy for other parties to sign contracts with predefined fields.

Create your signature easily

Draw, type, or upload your signature for quick, error-free signing in seconds.

Keep track of progress

Check contract status at any time, so you know what’s done and what needs a nudge.

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Sign with confidence

Get peace of mind with TLS encryption and eIDAS compliance. Your signatures are safe, secure, and legally accepted throughout the European Union and a growing number of countries worldwide.

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Serious contracts done simply

Privacy protected
Privacy protected

Rest assured your personal information is protected with GDPR compliance.

Legally recognized
Legally recognized

Your signatures are legally valid and binding according to eIDAS standards.

Secure signatures
Secure signatures

Your data is safe from start to finish with end-to-end TLS encryption.

Certified trust
Certified trust

With ISO 27001 compliance, you can rely on top-notch information security.

Store your documents with peace of mind

Rest assured your documents are processed and stored with the strongest end-to-end security and industry standards. Your files are for your eyes only.

Person digitally signing a document
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How to sign a document for free

    Screenshot: 1. Upload your PDF or Word document

    1. Upload your PDF or Word document

    Screenshot: 2. Add your signature

    2. Add your signature

    Screenshot: 3. Invite recipients to sign

    3. Invite recipients to sign

    Screenshot: 4. Track and store your signatures

    4. Track and store your signatures

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